Republicans, wake-up and understand that Mitt Romney will not beat President Obama because of his Mormon Faith and other negatives

Republicans, wake-up and understand that Mitt Romney will not beat President Obama because of his Mormon Faith and other negatives.

I, Reverend O’Neal Dozier, submit and present to you several reasons, based upon damaging undisputed facts why Governor Mitt Romney will not beat President Obama in a general Presidential election. Those damaging undisputed facts and negatives of Governor Mitt Romney are ignored by most national polls and the main stream media, including Fox News and most major conservative talk show hosts. Question, what are these damaging undisputed facts and negatives about Governor Mitt Romney? They are these: 1). A Nationwide Gallup survey in June, 2011 found that twenty two (22) percent of the general electorate said that they would not vote for a Mormon Presidential candidate. This fact alone could cause defeat for Governor Mitt Romney. 2). Blacks will not vote for Governor Mitt Romney because of the Mormon church’s past and present racial discrimination against bl acks, Jews and the Native American Indians. To further substantiate this fact, please read Chapter 5 of Tricia Erickson’s new book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?” This fact alone could cause him to lose against President Obama. Historically speaking, in order for a Republican Presidential candidate to win The White House, he must receive no less than ten (10) percent of the black vote. As a matter of fact, those black voters who are now disenchanted with President Obama because of his ungodly policies and bad economy would probably reluctantly vote again for President Obama, if Governor Mitt Romney is the Republican Party Nominee. 3). President Obama will allow his surrogates and Super PACS to educate the American people about Mitt Romney’s racist and absurd Mormon Religion. 4). President Obama’s Senior Advisor, David Axelrod will use Governor Mitt Romney’s Mormon Religion to prove that the Republicans are also waging a war against Women. He has already commented on a story in the Salt Lake Tribune about Menstruating women not being permitted to participate in proxy baptisms, a practice in which deceased non-mormons are baptized through the baptism of a living Mormon. This is proof that the Obama campaign will expose the Mormon Religion practices. 5) Romney Care will prevent Governor Romney from debating President Obama about Obama Care because Romney Care is President Obama’s model for Obama Care. Remember, President Obama used Governor Romney’s Massachusetts employees to help in the implementation of Obama Care. A debate on this issue between the two candidates in a general election debate will destroy Romney. 6). Many true conservatives don’t believe that Governor Mitt Romney is a true conservative. We must not forget that Governor Romney governed the state of Massachusetts as a Liberal Governor. His record shows that he was li beral on both the social and fiscal issues. He will tell you otherwise, but his record as a Governor speaks for itself. Governor Mitt Romney has been trying to reinvent himself as a conservative ever since he has been running for the Presidency. He is the greatest political flip flopper of our day. To further substantiate those facts, please read Chapter 12 of Tricia Erickson’s new book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?” Better yet, read the entire book. 7). Governor Mitt Romney’s political positions do not present a contrast to President Obama’s policies. They are similar in many ways. The American people deserve to have a Presidential Candidate who is a total contrast to President Obama.

The reason the Republicans ignore and fail to see these damaging undisputed facts and negatives about Governor Mitt Romney is because their minds have been blinded by his good looks, fast articulate speech and charm. We must also add that he looks Presidential. However, the Republicans need to know that these alone are not enough to beat President Obama. We must remember that President Obama has a large voting block which consists of the abortionists and those who believe in abortion; all of the homosexuals and their sympathizers; nearly all of the blacks; most Hispanics and Jews; all those who believe in Socialism; and all liberals. Remember, all of the above have their own sacred cow to protect. Plus, President Obama and his Super PACS will spend more than a billion dollars on negative advertisements. Based upon the aforementioned damaging undisputed facts and negatives about Governor Mitt Romney, I conclude that it will be almost impossible for Governor Romney to beat President Obama and win The White House. Therefore, I suggest that we Republicans seek to nominate Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich.


Reverend O’Neal Dozier’s bio:

Rev. O’Neal Dozier, Senior Pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center Church in Pompano Beach, Florida says that President Barrack Obama will allow his surrogates to use Mitt Romney’s racist religion as a secret weapon to assist him in regaining THE WHITE HOUSE for four more years.

CONDENSED BIOGRAPHY: For the past twenty-five years Rev. O’Neal Dozier has been a strong advocate for social causes in the south Florida area such as: fighting to keep a mosque with terrorist ties from being built in a predominantly black impoverish neighborhood where he pastors and in other such areas of the country; being the key note speaker at many anti-abortion rallies and as a result being awarded the prestigious “Bart T. Heffernan Award” by “Broward County Right to Life”; holding rallies against “Gay Marriage” and “Gay Adoption of Children”; advocating for a more diverse judiciary while serving on the “Florida Judicial Nominating Commission” by urging the state governor to appoint more blacks and other minorities to the judgeship; partnering with Black Clergy Associations to promote equality of life for all minorities, etc.

Rev. Dozier served on the official campaign committees of President George W. Bush, Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Charlie Crist and was an advisor to all three of them. Rev. Dozier is a graduate of Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida and has a law degree (J.D.) from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, Georgia. He served two consecutive terms in the United States Army. Rev. Dozier also played professional football in the National Football League for the Chicago Bears during the 1974 football season. For the past 26 years Rev. Dozier has served as Senior Pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center Church in Pompano Beach, Florida.



Republicans, wake-up and understand that Mitt Romney will not beat President Obama because of his Mormon Faith and other negatives — 3 Comments

  1. While I haven’t yet read Erickson’s book, I think you’ve articulated some very good reasons to abandon the establishment’s candidate. Because of Romney’s wealth being masked by a “Blind Trust”, the Republican establishment has a blind trust with Romney. They blindly trust he’s their savior. And to those religious voters who blindly support the Mormon candidate, they really have a blind trust in him.

    When a presidential candidate of the LDS faith, who is known to have sworn an oath of loyalty and allegiance, consecrating all that he has (his time, talent and resources) to the Mormon church – and has done so as a covenant made with God in the holiest of places, the temple – shouldn’t this person’s worldview merit further scrutiny?

  2. Even with Romney’s following quote, “Let me assure you that no authorities of my church, or of any other church for that matter, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions. Their authority is theirs, within the province of church affairs, and it ends where the affairs of the nation begin”, he could, and would, as a devout Mormon, attends to his duties in their temples and, while in there, he could be associating with members of his church leadership – away from any other public or media witnesses – and easily be given political advice.

    He’d still be consistent with his quote for the simple reason the church leadership won’t be “exerting” any influence on him because he’ll be willingly accepting and implementing their advice of his own free will and accord – without any exertion from the LDS leadership. And there would be no other witnesses outside the Mormon circle to know what was said between them.

    This is very plausible possibility. Yet, no non-Mormon in the electorate seems too interested. Oh yes, there is plenty of religious talk being thrown around because of Santorum, but no one in the media seems to be asking the right questions about Romney’s Mormonism.

  3. Still haven’t read Erickson’s book… but I like the title. However, I’m thinking the title is missing the point when it comes from perspective of a devout Mormon.

    In other words, what people outside the Mormon Church may not realize is that LDS doctrine emphatically embraces the U.S. Constitution, as it sees the Constitution as divinely inspired. For any patriotic American, there probably won’t be much argument over that assertion.

    The issue here is that the LDS Church (the religion) has indoctrinated its members into the notion of a divine document (the state) that comes from their God for their blessing. A blessing which came from the Providential hand on the history of America, with the advent of the Constitution, for the sole purpose of bringing about the restoration of the gospel – through the prophet Joseph Smith – and establishing the true church in order to prepare the earth for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Thus, the LDS doctrine purposely combines church and state. Therefore, at the very least, the line of separation between church and state amongst devout Mormons tends to be blurred.

    Thus, from a devout Mormon’s perspective, they don’t see it as serving two masters, only one Master. The ideals of church and state are one in the same. And in our Constitutional government, that is going to be a big problem for our current electorate.