Why Christians and Conservatives Sense that Romney Could Be Worse Than Obama

Christian Conservative Radio Host, Bob Enyart Suggests Barack Obama May Be The Lesser of The Two Evils. Link: http://kgov.s3.amazonaws.com/bel/2012/20120524-BEL104.mp3

Tricia Erickson Reports: Explosive Thought Provoking Report on Bob Enyart’s Radio Show (see link above):

(The following is a recap of the points made in the interview linked above and is not written exactly in Enyart’s words. I strongly recommend that you go to the link and listen to the full interview but for those who cannot, here’s a rough recap of the main points of this explosive and poignant show.)

Mitt Romney has been lying to Christians from day one! He claims to be Christian, pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-life.

Romney authorized abortion-on-demand through Romneycare and has done more to kill babies than Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton combined. Everything Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton said they were going to do, Romney has already done.

  • Romney forced Catholic hospitals to administer chemical abortions on demand, including late term.
  • Placed planned parenthood in a permanent seat on the advisory board of Romneycare
  • Christian News reported that Romney recently attended a fundraiser for his campaign hosted by Bill Frost, an abortion pill manufacturer: “On May 16, Romney attended a fundraiser at the Star Island, Florida residence of Bill Frost, the chairman of the board of Teva Pharmaceuticals. The company manufactures a number of abortifacient and birth control drugs, including the widely-known “Plan B One-Step.” Dinner was $50,000 a plate, and was part of Romney’s two-day stop in the state of Florida to raise funds for his candidacy. http://christiannews.net/romney-attends-campaign-fundraiser-with-morning-after-pill-manufacturer/

Enyart poses the quandary of voting for the lesser of two evils: If you were faced with the leaders of two parties to vote for, the Nazis or the Marxists, which would be? Would your vote be based on the party that killed the least amount of people? And if you cast a vote for either party, would this not be voting for a party of murders?

When faced with these killings of babies, is it party “A” or party “B”? Who are you going to kill, your son or your daughter? You would say I oppose you! I would not vote for this person as a president. How can you honor and obey God by voting for someone who would and has killed babies?

The Bible warns against people doing right in their own eyes. The Nazis, Osama bin Laden and Jeffery Domer all did what was right in their own eyes.

God asks us to simply obey Him. On every issue Romney is worse than Obama. Enyart firmly proclaims, “I will not vote for a pro homosexual child killer”, and I, as a Christian Conservative Republican completely agree with him.

Book: Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America

Conservative Political commentator Tricia Erickson has released an in-depth expose’ into the political, personal and religious life of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. And she’s holding no punches.

Part I: “While he attempts to portray Mormonism as just another Christian Religion, Mitt Romney counts on his skills to shift our attention away from what he truly believes. If the American people knew what he truly believed, they would surely not place him in the highest office in the land.”

Mitt Romney Truly Believes:

  • He will become a “god” in the afterlife (equal to Jesus Christ)
  • Satan is Jesus’ literal brother
  • Jesus was NOT born of a virgin birth
  • Mitt will be given his own afterlife kingdom where he will call his wife, Ann, into, in order to have relations to populate his kingdom with spirit children
  • Mitt believes in a religion that’s history is full of racism against Black Americans, Native Americans, Jews and more
  • There is a Mormon Plan For America
  • More…..

Part II: How can a candidate with an extreme progressive record run as a Republican? This book demonstrates Mitt’s liberal record to the point that it boggles the mind that any Republican, Conservative or Christian could vote for him.


  • He “fathered” Gay Marriage to America, yet now proclaims to be “for” marriage between one man and one woman.
  • Mitt also “fathered” Government Mandated Healthcare to America in which he signed-in-to-law $50.00 co-pay tax funded abortions as a part of a “healthcare benefit” (now the co-pay to kill babies under RomneyCare is $0.00). So if you are a Massachusetts resident, your tax dollars pay for abortions-on-demand.
  • Was for abortion and stem cell research before he was against it. He was pro-choice in 1994, 2002, 2005 and was pro-life in 2001, 2004 and 2006 – then funded abortion in the same year.
  • Good Economist? Think again. He refused to sign a no-new-taxes-pledge while running for governor. Under Romney, MA was in the BOTTOM THREE OF THE NATION FOR JOB CREATION! Mitt also raised taxes and fees seven times…more in the book.
  • Olympics: Romney siphoned an estimated $1.5 billion out of the US Treasury, all in the name of the Olympics. This siphoning expanded to more money than all of the US Olympic games put together.
  • Appointed liberal-progressive judges (record is in the book)


About the author:

Former Mormon Bishop’s Daughter and Political Commentator Reveals Real Story on Mitt Romney!

Tricia Erickson, (a Conservative) was the first Damage Control/Crisis Management Specialist in the country, as stated by Barbara Walters on the show “20/20”. Tricia is also a political consultant and on-air contributor. She has opined on many local and national news and entertainment TV and radio shows/networks. She is also the author of the book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.”

Because for the first time in history, a prominent Mormon could achieve the Office Of The Presidency, Tricia feels a responsibility to educate the public, both in the US and abroad, regarding what this potential Mormon President could truly mean for America. She is an expert on the well-masked cult of Mormonism and a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter who left the church in her mid 20’s.

From a political stand point, she believes it is imperative to reveal the facts on Romney’s appalling political record in opposition to what the GOP and the Romney camp shifts the voters to believe, in order to achieve the Presidency.

We have by now experienced with the current President what smooth words and entertainment imagery, as opposed to substance, can bring to the highest office in the land. Now, the GOP has served up this front-runner liberal candidate who has no problem with misrepresenting his own record for the reason of political expediency. The truth be known, there is not much difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Their policies and records are very much alike. Flip a coin!

Side note: Some of the issues Tricia has been called to speak to in the past are the dangers of Radical Islam, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Mormonism, all things political, the imaging-posturing-positioning of Presidential Candidates, the culture wars and more. Her companies: Crisis Management, Incorporated (crisis management and communications) http://crisismanagementincorporated.com/and Angel Pictures & Publicity (a political and entertainment publicity and consulting company) http://angelpicturesandpublicity.com/.




Why Christians and Conservatives Sense that Romney Could Be Worse Than Obama — 10 Comments

  1. I am a former Mormon. I became inactive in my mid-twenties. My parents & in-laws were all active in the Mormon Church. In 2003 I started reading the bible and by doing so, questioned Mormonism because of so many discrepancies between the Bible and Mormonism. That led me to research Mormonism and in 2004 I gave my life to Christ & had my name removed from the Mormon Church records. My son, who went on a Mormon mission also began his studies and he also left the Mormon church. I haven’t read your book, but I do know that Mormonism in not Christian. They have a different God, a different Jesus and a different Salvation than that of the Bible.


    • Mickey, Praise God that you and your son got out of this well masked cult. My son also went on a mission and many years later (around 12 months ago) he and his wife and 5 children left the church and now are in a Christian Church. We have similar experiences.

      Thank you for reading my book 🙂

      This is what I am going to do. As I can’t vote for either one of these condidates, I will write in the name “Jesus Christ”, and if there is no write in block, I’ll leave it blank.

      You see, we anwer to the living God….and I can’t imagine that God would bless my voting, under any circumstances, for either of these baby killers for president. I futher cannot imagine that God would bless my voting for the “Father of Gay Marriage” to America, Mitt Romney (nor Barack Obama for supporting it)for the destruction of the family. I further cannot imagine that God would bless my vote for a man (Romney) who truly beleives that he will become a God, equal to Jesus Christ, and be given his own planet – this is blasphemous to the Living God. And you know, from comming out of Mormonism, that there is sooooo much more.

      You see, I trust God that he can bring about his purpose by himself, even if his plan may very well be to bring judgement upon this nation, and, Lord knows, this country deserves it.

      All that we can do is trust God, and be obedient to him. He doesn’t need out help but we sure do need His. I hope and pray for your family and mine to be protected from what may be to come. It’s pretty obvious to me, that seeing the only two choices that we have as President, that our country is under His judgement. I could be wrong, but it certainly looks this way. Otherwise, how could we have ended up with these two anti-Christ candidates?

      May God Bless and Keep you in the Palm of His Hand,

      Tricia Erickson

  2. I was never a Mormon but I have studied the origin of Mormonism and especially the origin of the Book of Mormon since 1975, edited and helped perform research on one book on the origin of the Book of Mormon in 1977 which was published by the late Dr. Walter Martin, and co-authored another book on the same subject in 2005, so I am not without some knowledge on the subject. In all practicality, if all Christians don’t vote, Obama wins, plain and simple. Obama, who is openly attacking the Catholics and all other Christian groups with his health mandates, clearly is no friend of Christianity. He is, however, more than friendly towards the Islamic community, and there is abundant solid evidence to confirm this claim. His fiscal policies will certainly destroy our nation. Isn’t his dismal fiscal record ample evidence of this fact? Many well-known and respected conservative economists have predicted that another Obama term will almost assuredly send us into another recession that will be much worse than what we have already experienced, and possibly into a depression. Can someone tell me how logically this can be a path that we should take? With Obama in office for another term, that is very likely to happen. Most people who criticize Romney are criticizing his past record for the most part. What the Christian community needs to do is to do everything it can to keep watch on the Mormon leadership and also the Republican Party leadership. Why? Regarding the LDS leadership, to see if they try to influence Romney if he becomes the POTUS, and the Republican Party leadership to see if it gets taken over by Mormons. If that happens, it must be made public and exposed for what it is – a power grab by the church. For the record, apparently very few people have been objecting to Mormon money flooding into the Republican coffers ever since the Reagan Administration, not to mention the primarily Republican majority of Mormons voting consistently for Republicans for quite some time, so I find this almost a bit strange to so vehemently go after Romney’s past and tell people not to vote for him. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not a friend in any way of Mormonism. I’ve spent 37 years of my life exposing what I firmly believe to be a false religion, but given the extremely obvious disaster that is waiting for the US if Obama is re-elected, he must be stopped, and the only way that it will happen is if enough people vote for Romney that he becomes our next President. In the meantime, I will continue to do everything in my power to expose the false doctrines of Mormonism. All it takes for bad people to take control is for good people to do nothing, and by not voting, that will be doing nothing, and the bad people will win. Can you in good conscience do nothing?

    • Thanks Art for your input. Please regularly blog on any and all of the articles on my site. God Bless

    • Art, The question is indeed about conscience. What does it profit a man if he gains all three branches of the federal government, but loses his own soul? You want us to be saved from the evils of Obama, and great evils they are. But you want us to do it by violating Scripture and our relationship with God.

      What did other Christians do when confronted with such choices, Caesar or Jesus? They picked Jesus, with whatever consequences followed. That is what conscience is like. It does not choose what is most expedient, but always chooses what is right. We cannot vote for Romney without sanctioning his blasphemy against the Holy God, and against His Christ. 2 John 1:10-11 says we are not supposed to even wish godspeed to those who bring a false teaching about Christ, lest we become partaker in their evil deeds. Look it up.

      And a vote is so much more. A vote is a sacred trust, a powerful right we have in this free country, to voluntarily grant another the power to rule over us. How can any Christian voluntarily surrender that power, that trust, to a man who has taken an oath to defeat the Christian God and the Christ of the Bible? Oh, yes, he’s a temple Mormon, and he has done exactly that, he has sworn above all else to advance the interests of his Gnostic, antichrist “church.”

      If you vote for him, you are backing all that soul-destroying idolatry, all that rebellion against the Almighty, and hoping against hope that God doesn’t mind, because Obama must go. That is nothing but moral relativism, the ends justifying the means, and that line of reasoning has led to some of the worst human catastrophes in history. There is a reason God through Paul forbids us to “do evil, that good may come of it.”

      Don’t put your trust in man. He will fail you. Don’t act in fear. It will mislead you. Fear will only guide you into sin, for “whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Do. Not. Panic. Trust God. We do have our backs to the Red Sea. But God will not fail us. If He wills, He can make a way where there is none. Or He may ask us to stand and bravely face the enemy. Either way, He will be with us, if we are with Him.

  3. I fear that we aren’t a Christian nation any longer. Our youth doesn’t hold the same believes as our grandparents held during the WWII era. So, we are now reaping what we sow. We might have to go through another 4 years before the Lord’s people fall on their knees in prayer together as a nation. Or better yet, everyone fall on their knees now. Pray for the salvation of our leaders present and future. Our God that we serve is stronger than this issue. Does anyone remember Moses and the Pharaoh in Egypt. old can melt the hearts of the unsaved. HE is control of this. Let us as a nation fall down before HIM and pray. Pray for our children, our nation, and the care for others is our job here on Earth. Who do we vote for? I don’t know right now and I will pray until Nov. and then I will pray again and again for our leader and for the Hand Of GOD to be in their heart. God can change lives. I pray that HE will change your life today. Seek HIS face.

  4. Hello Tricia,
    I am not LDS, but since moving to Utah in 1995 I have periodically tried to gain a better understanding of the Mormon Religion, admittedly without much success. Ever since Mitt Romney announced that he was running for President, and especially since it appears that he will win the Republican nomination, I believe it’s imperative to become better informed.

    Your articles (in Renaissance Women), written from an insiders understanding of the religion have given credibility to some of my own research. However, by my own admission, I never understood (and may still not totally understand) the underpinnings of the religion.

    That said I recently came across this article, and although the article is interesting, what really caught my eye was in the comments section. The link to the article is below, as well as an excerpt from the comments. Can you confirm any part of what is being suggested here??? Also, can you please provide some suggested reading?

    I admire your efforts. When your time allows, I will welcome hearing from you.



    Three days ago, a Mormon scholar finally leaked the name of the document that Joseph Smith used to formulate Mormon doctrines and beliefs. This document is called the “Hermes Trismegistus” and would have been available in German during the 1830s and 1840s in America. This book is an OCCULT text that deals with the pagan God Hermes. This book was used by the Freemason movement, gnostic and occult Christian types, and mystical practitioners including the satanist Allister Crowley. For those familiar with the Mormon’s doctrines of the preexistence, the Adam-God theory of Brigham Young, the Jesus being Brothers with Satan, the Council of the Gods, the three degrees of the afterlife, and basically anything else that Mormons believe that diverges from mainstream historical Christianity. This book was considered to be the “knowledge of the gods” according to the Greeks in 600-560 BC. They claimed that this book was passed down from ancient Egyptians before Noah’s flood and was written by the Pagan practitioner “Heremes” who lived, supposedly, during the time of Enoch. This text also reveals many of the “mysteries” and “secrets” of the Mormon’s rituals, symbols, and covenants that occur within Mormon temples. If you would like to read this book here are the links.






  5. What do you think about Gary Johnson or Virgil Goode? It seems as though either is superior to these two and they might even be good rather than evil…

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