Morton Blackwell, Virginia’s Republican National Committeeman says there’s a Showdown Coming at the RNC Los Angeles Meeting

At its meeting in Los Angeles next week, the Republican National Committee will consider the repudiation of highly controversial changes to The Rules of the Republican Party made at the National Convention Rules Committee in Tampa last summer. These changes, led by Romney campaign spokesman Ben Ginsberg, were a systematic power grab which caused an unprecedented uproar at the convention.

Our Party must recruit many new grassroots conservatives in order to win future elections. Those potential recruits can be attracted only to a party where they are welcome, where power can flow from the bottom up, and where newcomers are treated fairly, politely, and even cordially.

My letter last week to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, with copies sent to RNC members, asks for his support of my motion to repudiate the Ginsberg power grabs, and it discusses the recent Growth and Opportunity Project report he issued. Below are a link to that letter and a link showing how my motion would change the rules back to the content unanimously approved by the Republican National Committee before Mr. Ginsberg’s centralizing power grab.

Morton Blackwell
Virginia Republican National Committeeman

See Letter to Reince Priebus from Morton Blackwell here:

See National Party rules as amended by Morton Blackwell’s motion (shows the proposed changes in red) here (you may have to hit “open” and “refresh” the page to get it to open properly but it’s a safe link:


blackwellMr. Blackwell was first elected as Virginia’s Republican National Committeeman in 1988. He serves on the RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules and has attended every meeting of the Republican National Conventions’ Rules Committees since 1972.


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