Obama Routs the GOP (Again)

By Steve Deace

The Side that Doesn’t Really Believe in its Own Cause Loses Every Single Time 

As I write this Speaker John Boehner is poised to use Democrat votes to pass out of the Republican-led House of Representatives a terrible budget deal brokered by Harry Reid and Ditch McConnell, men of such low character they are incapable of brokering anything other than.

So now that Boehner is poised to cave with the help of Democrat votes, those of us out there in the cheap seats paying the bills for their sellout will be left to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, you can already see the mastery of the Left at work.

As Republican leadership caves, liberals are coming out of the woodwork now, even going on Fox News, demanding a delay of the dreaded individual mandate in Obamacare for a year. Some on our side believe this is a sign even the Left recognizes the disaster that is Obamacare. Do not be fooled.

This is not liberal outrage at Obamacare’s failures. This is a fork-tongued, coordinated meme the Left is very good at.

Obama took a hit for not negotiating during the shutdown. This is an attempt by the Left to make Obama look reasonable and likable again, for now he will be the one to magnanimously announce the individual mandate delay after Boehner’s bloody signature has dried on the sellout.

This will also at least somewhat temper the Obamacare issue in next year’s midterm elections, because the Democrats will turn right around and say yes Obamacare is broken right alongside the Republicans. They’ll even point out how they admitted it was, and publicly demanded Obama give individuals the same break corporations got from the White House.

But they’ll also say we tried to fix Obamacare, and the Republicans never helped us. Yet again, the Republicans will get all the blame and none of the credit for what they are perceived to believe. The Republicans won’t lose the House, but this makes it much tougher to win the Senate next year. Which is exactly what the Ditch McConnells of the world want, for if the Republicans are in charge you might actually expect him to do something with it. While in the minority, he can broker “cover your arse” deals with Reid all day, and still get to send emails to his base blaming those dreaded Democrats for all the country’s problems. This maintains the status quo, and status quo is a win for the statists and the ruling class both.

What a beautiful perpetual fundraising scheme indeed.

This is what happens when you don’t stand united on principle, but are a movement run by shills, gutless cowards, and feckless bureaucrats.

There is no other way to spin this. Obama has completely routed Republican “leadership.” He removed the manly parts of the House Republican leadership and showed it to them on a national stage. He de-panted them, the way Vladimir Putin de-panted him on a global stage a month ago.

Obama hasn’t done much right during his presidency, which is why when the chips are down he knows he can always pick a fight with Republican “leadership.” For they have acted as his reliable slump-buster throughout his presidency. And this time they came through big time.

I loathe the GOP establishment with all my heart, but even I am embarrassed for them. They think they’re getting out of their consultants’ doghouse, but what they’re really doing is signing their own death certificates.

Begrudgingly, give the devil his due. These statist progressives really know how to play the game. Then again, it helps when you actually believe in your cause. Right now, the people running “our side” don’t believe in ours.


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