New MLK Bible Controversy: Pray for our Family

By Dr. Alveda King

As a member of the King family and also The King Center Board, I echo the concerns of my cousin Bernice King regarding her brothers’ efforts to sell their father’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize.  We appreciate your prayers for our family at this time.

May the love and faith of our ancestors reverberate as we seek the wisdom of God during these days of trials and tribulation as the entanglements that feed the controversies are resolved.

As the daughter of Rev. AD King and Naomi Barber King, I express genuine love and concern for all of Uncle ML’s immediate living heirs; Martin, Bernice and Dexter. While I and my immediate family are not legally entitled to any benefits of the MLK estate; and indeed have never received proceeds from any sale or transactions regarding such, I can still sympathize with Bernice’s concerns regarding her parents’ legacy.

As CEO of the King Center, Bernice is working hard to preserve the legacy of peace and nonviolence established during her parents’ lifetimes.  Her now legendary 100 Days of Nonviolence, NO SHOTS FIRED, LET FREEDOM RING Bell Ceremonies, and the youth motivational BE A KING crusades broadcast the spirit of agape love, peace and unity she has inherited from her parents.

Bernice is on a mission to uplift the Human Race. She seeks to unite using Agape Love as a key to the gates of Jubilee.

This is why my heart breaks as she shares her dilemma with the world:

“Some actions are sacrilegious and some things are not for sale no matter the circumstances, including my daddy’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize Medal,” she said. “Both are tangible evidence of the faith and devotion of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Parting with this priceless memorabilia should not be an option.”

In 2012 when President Obama laid his hand on my Uncle M. L.’s Bible and took his oath for his second term as US President, I had mixed emotions. While I should have been proud to see what should have been progress for race relations, I was dismayed knowing that he would further advance his support for Planned Parenthood and the war against Holy Matrimony.

Added to my concerns regarding the Bible are those surrounding Uncle ML’s prizes. Planned Parenthood has already tried to co-opt the MLK legacy to promote abortion and carcinogenic fertility blockers by targeting MLK with a Sanger Award. Who knows what they might try if they or their proponents get their hands on the MLK heirlooms?

First there was the political jockeying with the Bible. Now to be forced to wonder what new fate King’s Bible and Prize might face, to wonder what agenda these cherished heirlooms will be used to promote; this is a cruel burden for Bernice and indeed many to bear.

By a two to one vote, the brothers seek to silence a sister’s voice. The process seems democratic, and yet her voice should count. Why was the court action demanding her compliance sealed? Truth crushed to earth must surely rise again.


Dr. Alveda C. King: Daughter of the late slain civil rights activist Rev. A. D. King and Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Founder of King for America, Inc. Mother of six and doting grandmother. Consultant to the Africa Humanitarian Christian Fellowship. Former college professor. MA degree in Business Management. Published author of Sons of ThunderThe King Family Legacy and I Don’t Want Your Man, I Want My Own. Doctorate of Laws conferred by Saint Anslem College. Served on the boards and committees of Coalition of African American Pastors, and the Judeo-Christian Coalition for Constitutional Restoration. Served in the Georgia State House of Representatives. Accomplished actress and songwriter. She is a voice for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, speaking about her regret for her abortion. During the years of the Civil Rights Movement, led by her Uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Alveda’s family home was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama. “Daddy’s house was bombed, then in Louisville, Kentucky his church office was bombed. I was also jailed during the open housing movement,” she recalls. Alveda has continued her long-term work as a civil rights activist. Advocate for School Choice as a civil rights issue. Strong advocate for life of the unborn, faith in God not faith in government bureaucracy.



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  1. If I had the money, I would buy them myself, and place them somewhere they would be forever safe. I am ashamed of your brothers.

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