Big Boobs, Little Hearts: The Conservative War for Women and the Left’s War Against Them

By Carl Jackson

I’m not Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh, but when it comes to the radical feminist movement let it be said that we’re dealing with a bunch of boobs. What type of heartless ideology would ask a woman to suppress her natural attributes in the name of “women’s rights?” If there is such a thing as a “War on Women” it’s a Left–wing in-house problem not a Conservative one. Let’s be honest, the feminist movement has done little to advance womanhood. Instead, they’ve bullied stay-at-home moms, created more playa’s and chauvinists by turning men into boys, demonized words like “bossy” in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, and lied about the wage gap of career women in order to keep uninformed voters mad at Republicans. If liberals really cared about the well being of women they’d be Conservatives.

Years ago I wrote an article entitled Close Your Legs and Watch Morality Spread ( Before you throw up or frown, let me explain; my article wasn’t meant to demean women or to be grotesque, but rather help women understand the power and responsibility they have in maintaining a moral society by being virtuous. Having once been a liberal dog myself (pre-Christ of course), I loved the Revolution of the Feminist Movement because it made it easier to take advantage of women without guilt. The biggest mistake the feminist wacko’s of the 60’s made in their cause was discounting human nature, particularly the nature of men. No matter how many women a man sleeps with it’s important to understand that he still yearns for the woman that he perceives to be “marriage material.” The feminist did nothing for males like me except to convince me that women were an object to be conquered and not adored since you couldn’t hurt their feelings.  Thank God I think differently now, so I understand that a woman that demands respect and integrity from a man helps to create a virtuous society by training men to be virtuous themselves.

Secondly, where does Beyonce and her ilk get off implying that the new “b” word is “bossy,” and it needs to be banned? Who would’ve thought that liberal women would be offended by a word that implies women can be strong, independent, and boss-like? Talk about a walking contradiction! Are the feminists now implying that they want to be spoken to as if they’re “ladies?” Because if that’s the case, thanks to women like Beyonce, the traditional male (provider, protector, father, authority figure) in America has been demonized by the Left to a point where it’s growing more difficult by the day to find  men who would respect their request enough to stop using the OG “b” word, let alone “bossy.”

Thirdly, did you know that the “wage-gap” between men and women simply doesn’t exist ( This is largely true do to the one thing the radical feminist did right in comparison to the blacks of the Civil Rights era. Women went to college in overwhelming numbers because they quickly figured out that empowerment and employment were more beneficial than entitlements. For every 100 men that attend institutions of higher learning you’ll find 140 young ladies that have done the same. In fact, women of the Millenial generation currently earn an average of 8% more than their male counterparts. “The War for Women” was won over thirty years ago by feminists who chose to use conservative principles (abortion excluded) to advance in society.

Truth be known, Leftist feminists are only looking to perpetuate their claims of victimization rather than empower their voters just so they can win elections. Radical Feminism has been nothing short of heartless and repressive to the very women it sought to protect by endorsing promiscuity over virtue, corporatism over motherhood, masculinity in women rather than femininity, and body parts over brains.  I just wish at the very least they’d offer up a cease fire in their “War on Men,” long enough for society to recreate gentlemen instead of producing more playa’s and illegitimate kids.


Carl Jackson, author of Big Boobs, Little Hearts: The Conservative War for Women and the Left’s War Against ThemI’m a Christian Conservative that happens to be black, but I wasn’t always. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I was a flaming liberal that believed “the man” was against me. I became a thief (arrested twice), and even had a child with my girlfriend at the time out of wedlock. Although, I was never a dumby, I bought into the liberal mantra’s and leaders who told those of us who grew up or attended schools in the hood “you are somebody,” while they simultaneously sent mixed and implicit messages that we wouldn’t amount to anything without their help. Of course, I didn’t realize that at the time.

It wasn’t until Jesus saved me from the wrath of God and I became a Christian that I began to compare who God said I was against what liberals said I wasn’t. Through everyday life, a custody battle for my daughter that convinced me that government wasn’t concerned about fatherhood, and a series of other events, God began transforming my thinking which lead me to read. I developed a hunger for Gods Word and History, especially U.S. history. I always loved English, but I was ashamed to admit it around my peers at school. Despite America’s brutal history of slavery, I learned to appreciate how God used the Founder’s to create our Declaration of Independence and Constitution within the context of history. I also learned that it was the Democrat party that perpetuated slavery in America, formed the KKK, and fought against civil rights all the way up into the 1970’s.

This was all contrary to what I heard growing up in California schools. Unfortunately, through a complicit liberal media, indoctrination through schools and movies, the party responsible for most of our evil history has been able to escape blame and cast the blame on the party that stood up against these evils- The Republican Party. Not anymore!

The Carl Jackson Show is committed to bringing you the right information so that you arrive at the right political conclusions. Without God truth and morality are mere opinions. We believe in loving God (Jesus) with all of our hearts, and loving our neighbor’s (fellow countrymen no matter the party) as ourselves; This is why we are the home of “The Good Fight.”

Practically speaking, we believe that modern day liberalism is cruel because it tells the individual that “you’re nothing without government.” However, modern day conservatism tells the government “they’re nothing without you.” The latter is what our Founder’s intended. Your spiritual gifts used for practcal purposes will trump any handout from a government institution every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Mickey and I intend to prove that to you with every show.



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  1. I agree totally with your contention that the Left’s efforts lead to suffering for women — and minorities, which you mention in your bio at the end of the article. Here are the links to two articles that thoroughly back up your point. You can’t be louder than a liberal, but you can definitely be smarter and more well informed.

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