The Death of the First Amendment!

By Joseph L Green

Michael Sams and Tim Tebow; they are both professional football players that were considered high risk. They both have a cause that they are passionate about. The difference is one is considered a hero and one considered an unwanted distraction.

Let’s first look at this from a football perspective. Although Michael Sams had an above average college career, he was considered to be an OK pro prospect; not a 1st or 2nd rounder. At this point he has not played a down in a regular season game in the NFL. Tebow, on the other hand is considered one of the greatest players in college football history from his time at U of Florida. As an NFL starter he led the Denver Broncos to the 2011 playoffs and a playoff win against the Steelers. We are lead to believe that the goal is to win; we were also led to believe that sports were about the purity of competition; It would seem like winning should be enough, so why the disparity in treatment?

As I initially stated, both Sams and Tebow are passionate about a cause; Sams, being the first openly gay football player on a NFL roster. Tebow, a devout Christian wants to win games and to publicly honor his faith. Incidentally, Tebow signature gesture was a silent kneeling (as if praying) with no perceived intention for attention. This gesture however became the source of anger, ridicule, and much media coverage. Tebow was basically run out of the league because no team wanted to have “that type” of distraction around them. Case in point the NY Jets, who picked up Tebow on their roster, yet almost never used him in games because of the backlash for his silent gesture of prayer. Keep in mind, however, that year the Jets were one of the worst teams in the NFL yet they refused to give Tim Tebow a chance to win football games because of the anti-Christian sentiment.

This is the trend in this nation; people that profess to be Christians or espouse traditional moral values are constantly being ostracized, ridiculed, and misrepresented. Traditional values are now considered “hate speech”, and or “uninformed”. Anybody that stands for natural marriage is “homophobic” and pro-life people now are deceptively considered “anti-women”. Whenever someone demonstrates their faith, the true hypocrisy in this country rears its ugly head! For the record, disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle choice does not equate to fear; wanting to protect the preborn child does not mean that I hate women, and being a Christian in no way means that I am stupid or uninformed. There is a clear anti-Christian, anti- 1st amendment bent that is taking place in this country and it is being orchestrated primarily by the main stream media.

There is a very clear push from the liberal left to quiet, to suppress and even to criminalize the free exercise of Christianity in America. It is clear that the morals and the values that come from the Bible are being targeted for extinction. Case in point, the IRS scandal; we have a governmental institution that has blatantly targeted conservative groups and any other groups that differed from the very liberal agenda of the current administration. In an April 7, 2009 report Homeland security even tagged evangelical Christians as the #1 threat to the US.

The first amendment of the constitution of the US was created to protect the rights of Christians to express their Christian views. It was to keep the government and any other entity in this country from stopping, changing, or limiting those who wanted to express their belief in God. The tone of the constitution has been twisted, distorted and used in a way that is diametrically opposite to what the framers intended. I don’t blame the gay lobby, the ACLU, or any other group. I blame CHRISTIANS!

It is our God given right to declare our Christian values; to stand for the morals and values that the laws of this country were founded on. We have the right to verbally disagree with belief systems and lifestyles that contradict the Bible. As a Pastor and a church leader, not only do I have a right but an obligation to speak about these things. Our founding fathers understood that and so their first priority in writing the constitution was to guarantee that the government would not be able to interfere with free speech and the free exercise of religious liberties. If we do not take a stand at this time and this place, we will face the same type of persecution that Christians have faced many times throughout history. Silence is not an option!

When good people are silent evil rules.


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j_greenPastor Green is the Pastor and co-founder of Antioch Assembly in Harrisburg, Pa. He is a husband, a father, a businessman and an author. He is married to Gwendolyn Green and together they have 3 children.

He is a 1985 graduate of Harrisburg High School and attended University of Pittsburgh and Towson University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications. He also spent four years in the United States Navy.

He is on the board of directors for the Bethesda Mission located in Harrisburg, Pa. and the founder of “The Josiah Project”, a mentoring project for troubled teens in the city of Harrisburg. He is on the advisory committee of March for Jesus PA and Healing Tree International Ministries. He is the author of three books; “From Kilos to the kingdom”, an autobiography of a life transformed, “The church that will turn the world upside down”, and “Standing on the Rock”, a book that discusses race, religion, politics, and faith.


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