Black Americans Taken Advantage Of

You’ve been Had!

By Joseph L Green

You been had, you been took, you been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok.

This is a quote from the 1992 Spike Lee movie Malcolm X; this is from a speech in which Malcolm X told a bunch of black Americans that they were being taken advantage of by the system.  He used the word “pacify” to describe the system that was set up to hinder black Americans from reaching their full potential as a community. Although the strategy was slightly different during the time that Malcolm X lived, I believe that the goal is quite the same. In this day and time the group that is “pacifying” black America is the liberal democrats.

Let us not forget that it was the democrats that started the KKK, which fought to keep blacks from having equal rights across the board from the time of the abolitionists through Jim Crow. Up until the mid to late 60’s until the early 70’s most black Americans identified themselves as Republicans; the Republican party which was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and fought very hard to help black Americans receive equal rights.

For the record I am not a Republican nor have I ever been; I am an independent.  I was a lifelong Democrat from the time I turned 18 until around the age of 45. So it would beg the question, what is my motivation for writing this?

In 2012, the democrats set their platform as Anti-natural marriage, anti-God, and anti-life; since that does not reflect my values then it should no longer garner my support!

I have seen how black Americans have been merchandised and taken advantage of by liberal democrats. Obviously there are some good Democrats that have good intentions, but I am talking about values and platforms now. Platforms do matter in the political realm. Since the switch from Republican to Democrats by black American I have seen our community deteriorate from the inside.

Blacks are a resilient people that have endured some of the most horrendous oppression and discrimination in the history of the world. We have done this by being God fearing, hard working, and family centered people. We have fought hard and worked harder in order to carve out our place in American History and it breaks my heart to see us being taken advantage of by the liberal Democrats.

The black community is one of the most God-fearing people on the planet. A recent survey showed that only around 3 percent of Black people identify themselves as atheist. During the 1960’s during the civil rights movement approximately 60% of black babies were born to a husband and wife. In 2008 around 71% of black people voted against same sex marriage in CA; which is one of the most liberal states in the country.

Now let’s look at the devastation caused by black Americans buying into the liberal agenda:

In 2014 over 70% of black babies are born outside of wedlock; 35% of all abortions are performed on black babies while African Americans make up less than 13% of the US population. Blacks make up 39.4% of the prison population in the US; The incarceration rate of black males was over 6 times higher than that of white males, with a rate of 4,749 per 100,000 US residents*. 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008 were black and 93% of the victims of those offenders were also black.

I could do numbers all day to show the moral decline of black America; we have gone from being the victims of crime to being the main perpetrators of crimes against ourselves. We have gone from having our families torn apart through slavery and bigotry to destroying our own families through turning away from the institution of natural marriage and through accepting alternative descriptions of marriage. Black America, we have been sold a bill of goods.

And the numbers go on and on. But this is not about numbers; it is a clarion call for black America to turn back to the values that helped us endure the oppression and the merchandising of our community. Let’s not continue to stand lock step with the group that is promoting the values that ultimately bring destruction and devastation to our community. Let us once again stand for God, for natural marriage, for hard work and education. Let us reject the entitlement mentality that is promoted through social programs that penalize single moms for getting married and make it more profitable to stay home than to work.

Blacks have statistically identified themselves as Pro-marriage, pro-life, and pro-God. Let us begin to dictate to all political parties that in order to get our support you have to begin implementing the values and the standards that are important to us. Let us remind all politicians that they work “For us” and not to take our support for granted. Let our eyes be opened and let our minds be clear; we say no to the liberal democratic destructive agenda!


Joseph L Green

Short bio:

j_greenj_green_bookPastor Green is the Pastor and co-founder of Antioch Assembly in Harrisburg, Pa. He is a husband, a father, a businessman and an author. He is married to Gwendolyn Green and together they have 3 children.

He is a 1985 graduate of Harrisburg High School and attended University of Pittsburgh and Towson University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications. He also spent four years in the United States Navy.

He is on the board of directors for the Bethesda Mission located in Harrisburg, Pa. and the founder of “The Josiah Project”, a mentoring project for troubled teens in the city of Harrisburg. He is on the advisory committee of March for Jesus PA and Healing Tree International Ministries. He is the author of three books; “From Kilos to the kingdom”, an autobiography of a life transformed, “The church that will turn the world upside down”, and “Standing on the Rock”, a book that discusses race, religion, politics, and faith.

Pastor Joseph Green: “Why I Am Disappointed in the Black Church”:


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