Jeb Bush Comes Out of the Closet

By Steve Deace

Jeb Bush is almost certainly one of two unpalatable things.

He’s either about to out himself as an eager Republican trailblazer for the Rainbow Jihad, or he’s a liar on par with Barack Obama.

Inspiring, I know. But there really are no other reasonable choices.

First there’s hiring a key advisor like David Kochel, who proudly outed himself as a Rainbow Jihadist to the liberal Huffington Post in 2013. Next, Jeb selected as his communications director, literally the face of his campaign, one of D.C.’s “30 most influential homosexuals” named Tim Miller.

A peek at Miller’s social media postings are all you need to know:

A picture of a child hugging someone dressed as the Easter bunny with the caption “On 1 yr anniversary of Iowa gay marriage ruling, (Iowa Family Policy Council’s) worst fears are realized: Rabbit/Child love-making;”

*Sesame Street references like “If Bert was gay, why didn’t he wax his eyebrows? A symposium on grooming and heteronormativity.”

Miller’s Facebook page has also documented his attendance at events such as ‘DC Protest Against CA Proposition 8;’ ‘SUGARTIT: A dirty Polaroid style New Year’s Eve;’ ‘BYGays AllCity Happy Hour feat;’ and ‘Homo/Sonic: Natty Boom Birthday Explosion!’

Boy, that’s straight out of the Republican Party platform, right? Just like Bush’s support for amnesty and Common Core. Bottom line: The GOP establishment’s poster boy just hired a flak that enjoys lampooning the very base of the party he claims to serve. The very base of the party that supported both his father and brother in competitive primaries, and played key roles in them not only winning the nomination but the presidency.

Because, “big tent.”

It’s one thing to have issue disagreement, even on an issue of moral absolutes. But when you’re now disrespecting, mocking, and de-legitimizing the very individuals who hold those sincere beliefs, you have no intentions of defending those sincere beliefs when they come under attack by the Rainbow Jihad.

After all, personnel is policy when it’s the Democrats doing the anointing, right? When our current president planted Marxist policy czars throughout his entire administration, we didn’t expect the second coming of Ronald Reagan’s ‘Morning in America,’ did we?

And when candidate Obama lied to us about marriage being between a man and a woman – as former advisor David Axelrod has now copped to – we always knew something didn’t smell right. So why should we stop trusting our senses now that an establishment Republican is caught putting together his own Rainbow Jihad?

Yet since it almost defies belief that Bush has the stomach to look the American people in the eye and go all in on abandoning the Republican platform on marriage, what we can expect is the usual buck passing to out-of-bounds court rulings like the one expected to come down this summer from the United States Supreme Court.

Then there will be odes from Jeb about how “yada, yada, yada, the courts have spoken.” How “yada, yada, yada, the process must be respected.” That “yada, yada, yada, it’s time to move on while yada, yada, yada, respecting one another’s differences.” I’m sure Kochel and Miller have already crafted the New Speak.

But if past is prologue, there will also be a smug, celebratory Tweet from Miller tipping us off to the scam behind all those yadas: Bush will think himself to be a proud citizen of that infamous land known especially to Cultural Marxists as “the right side of history.”

If his intentions are otherwise, Bush is free to tell us how the cast of characters he has aligned himself with will respond to stories like those happening to Barronelle Stutzman in Washington State. Hers is the latest case of a Christian business owner having their very livelihood stolen from them by a government obsessed with fake rights.

Stutzman, a florist, refused to provide flowers for a homosexual commitment ceremony (that’s not a wedding), and now faces thousands of dollars in fines and a command from the state attorney general to provide services for the Rainbow Jihad in the future.

Showing far more testicular fortitude than most self-proclaimed “defenders of marriage,” she has rejected that offer and is appealing the fraudulent court ruling originally brought on by a man, Rob Ingersoll, she sold flowers to for nearly a decade.

Stutzman had thought Ingersoll to be a friend, until he said “sick ‘em” to the Rainbow Jihad. Been there, done that, Barronelle. Bush keeps saying he’s a Republican, too, but I’m not feeling that, either. Then again, maybe Jeb is the real Republican here. And those of us who still cling to our guns and our Bibles are the RINOs?

It’s a dark side to be on, folks. Nonetheless, Jeb seems ready and willing to dance with the devil by the pale moonlight.


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