Clash of civilizations – Freedom vs. Tyranny – God verses Satan – Life vs. Death – You pick

By Laurie Roth

Audacious, arrogant, racist, denial of ‘expression and speech’ rights….Trump is 1000% right.  No more Muslims should be allowed in the U.S. period.   How many times now have Americans had to listen to the spin cycle of Obama and the sold out media regarding Muslim attacks on Americans?   Obama and his spin cycle chiefs always blame the guns and gun ownership after every Muslim attack on citizens (You know…the Muslim terrorist attacks Obama only calls ‘terrorist’ attacks).  As the spin flies around faster, we hear Obama and his chiefs explore the possible reasons as to why and how these people were shockingly and savagely turned to ‘terrorism’ not Islam.

Now we are punished – Not Radical Islamics

With the latest horror show at the hands of radical Islamics, AG Loretta Lynch rushed to the Microphone threatened to prosecute and punish yet again the good guys and freedom of speech.  Lynch boldly threatened anyone who spoke out against Islam that might ‘edge toward violence.’  How convenient for Obama and his minions.  Any commentators or alternative media speaking the truth and confronting radical and violent Islam could be magically connected and implicated with any additional Muslim terrorist attacks to Americans.

I don’t have any wish, nor do most Americans…to ‘edge toward any violence’ toward anyone, nor Islamics.  Nor do I wish to break the law, but the truth is that many Muslims within the 1.5 billion Islamic world take the call to wipe out the ‘infidel’ and violent Jihad literally.  That is how, regardless of our speech, a polite Islamic young couple with a baby goes to the Christmas party and murders 14 people and injure droves more.

Plants like this unsuspecting couple no doubt are all over America but Obama and Lynch want to punish us, the innocent and scared ones for noticing this increased danger.  I guess we are to plan our deaths and not talk about it. Pointing out the obvious and trying to protect people and the truth doesn’t mean we plan or wish to harm Muslims or anyone else.

News flash for Obama and Lynch.  No one is going out and mowing down Muslims and blowing up Mosques and ‘Berka’ parties.  Naturally, we must not succumb to violence or incite anyone to violence and crime.  However, we must be armed and find a way to survive this Christmas season.  Danger really is everywhere.

You realize that the next time over the Holidays we see another Muslim radical terrorist attack, it will be your own fault since you were probably the fool who gave a Muslim a job or got them a ‘Christmas present’ at the next party.

I pray that Trump gets in 2016, stops all Muslim immigration to America, cleans house on violent Muslim talk peppered through our country and fires Loretta Lynch and all else who are slaughtering our freedoms and Constitution, pretending to serve.

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Roth-150For 16 years Dr. Laurie Roth was syndicated nationally with USA Radio Network –  3 hours a day exposing the bad guys,  uncovering the truth and standing up for America, God and freedom.  Last summer, she resigned from her troubled and financially challenged network and is now looking at other show options for 2016.  Laurie is planning a bold comeback with her show and waiting on the Lord for His unfolding plan.  Laurie is known for her ‘say it like it is’ articles and exposing what is really going on in the political world, with U.S. and world leaders, their agendas,

Laurie interviews experts and unfolds plots that have almost happened, some that have succeeded and some that are in our faces today.

Who is behind attacks on our Sovereignty, Religious rights, Land rights, First amendment rights and Speech?  What about HAARP – known weather control manipulation and Chemtrails peppering our skies?

What really is going on with:  The Trilateral Commission – Sustainability – Agenda 21 – New World Order – Islam and the Caliphate — the Progressive left and the Greens movement

Laurie not only uncovers the corruption and agendas in the political landscape but exposes other compromises and threats as well.

* Laurie visits with survivors and family members affected by crimes and conspiracies.  How do they survive and come back after losing a family member, being smeared or a victim of crime in some way?  Your audience will find out.

* Conspiracies and plots hide in a variety of rooms — social, political, economic, religious and cultural.  Laurie Roth blows open the doors to all these rooms that hide hidden agendas, deception and plots against people.

Laurie Roth is known for her unique and bold combination of passion, guts, humor, compassion and intelligence when covering the issues.  In 2010 Dr. Laurie Roth was nominated for the Ronald Reagan Award by CPAC for breaking a huge national story in 2008 connecting Obama with William Ayers.  Roth has exposed crimes and cover ups every Wednesday for the last several years. She has talked with family members, criminal experts and the late great Crime blogger, friend and hero – Susan Murphy Milano.   Laurie now has regular A list crime experts on like Dr. Scott Bonn,  Monica Caison and Sandra Brown.  She also talks in depth with true crime authors who expose unbelievable cases each week.

Laurie Roth is also known for building back her show from near death when a Deer jumped on her when riding her motorcycle in 2005.  It is her intense commitment to her country, people, God, excellence and life that has made her and her show the comeback story of the decade.  No one ever expected Laurie to be able to talk or think right enough to ever do her radio show again, let alone do anything else of substance.  There would be no media in Laurie’s future.   Instead, Laurie worked hours a day to recover and ignited a fire under her dreams.  Since then, she is back on her national radio show every day  has published thousands of articles on 10 different journals, ran for President of the United States in 2012 as an Independent with no money, and is planning and unfolding her national TV show ‘The Roth Report.’  That is what Dr. Laurie Roth does with severe brain injuries and a near fatal motorcycle accident, shakes her fist at it and moves on.


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