Occam’s Razor and Hillary Clinton’s Failed Presidential Campaign

By Colonel Mike Angley

Occam’s Razor, more correctly spelled Ockham’s Razor, is also known as the Law of Parsimony. In philosophy it holds that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions is best. Put another way, the simplest explanation for something is usually the correct one. The principal owes its name and simplicity to William C. Ockham, an English scholar and philosopher who lived from 1287 to 1347.

Every grade school teacher is familiar with Occam’s Razor. When a student fails to turn in an assignment, the most likely (simplest) explanation is that the student didn’t do the work. It’s much less likely, no matter how pleadingly the youngster may present his case, that ‘my dog ate my homework.’

The 2016 Presidential Election saw Donald J. Trump win over a Democrat candidate whom the media, pollsters, pundits and Party sycophants deemed the inevitable and unbeatable choice. Applying Occam’s Razor, Hillary Clinton lost because she was an unelectable, unlikeable candidate who ran a lousy campaign.

Despite the obvious (and simplest), all manner of twisted, contorted explanations (excuses) have been proffered for her demise. Let’s examine some of the more creative, tortured logic excuses that the left has suggested:

  1. Russian Hacking: The official report is out, and Russia didn’t hack the election. Not a single state’s election system was tampered with nor a single vote Kremlin-changed. At most, Russia MAY have been involved in the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and John Podesta email hacks, but they only exposed the corruption the candidate and her inner circle wanted hidden. Worst case is the Russians provided the transparency Clinton herself promised (but failed to provide) and which the media was responsible to uncover (but refused to do owing to their own bias).
  1. FBI Director Comey: His greatest sin was commenting on a reopened investigation of Clinton, an investigation that would not have been in existence had she followed rules and laws in place for handling classified government information. Hillary’s mishandling of sensitive information was the problem, not the fact that it required investigation.
  1. Fake News: To buy this excuse, one must take the typical cynical, liberal view of people, that they are too stupid to evaluate information for themselves (so a benevolent government must censor news for them). For many years there have been fake sources of news and information which no one became concerned about until this left wing candidate got shellacked by a political novice.
  1. Electoral College: Our Founding Fathers were brilliant. They knew that in a Republic, the minority needs a shield from the majority. The Electoral College system is reflective of our Republic and protective of it. The time for Clinton to have raised concerns about the system was BEFORE the election, not after. Of course, she was poised for an inevitable win (so went the narrative), and had she won, the same leftists who today complain about the Electoral College would be praising its greatness.
  1. Millennials: They get blamed for not showing up to vote in numbers large enough to hand Hillary a victory. What the Democrats fail to note is that the millennial crowd largely supported (Socialist) Democrat Party challenger Bernie Sanders and it didn’t help that the DNC rigged the primary to disenfranchise him. That, and the candidate and her inner circle were shown to have mocked millennials in some of the hacked emails. Again, Hillary was her own worst enemy.
  1. The Weiners: Huma Abedin, Hillary’s close aide, and her husband, Anthony Wiener, have received scrutiny as well for causing Hillary’s loss. Some critics have pointed to Huma’s desire for celebrity status of her own as a detractor to Hillary. Anthony proved to be a serial pervert whose sexting with an underage girl brought renewed scrutiny to Hillary’s emails when evidence sought in connection with his perversion disclosed potential evidence related to Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.
  1. Racism/Sexism: The racism angle is difficult to square since both candidates were as white as snow. The author won’t even try because it wastes too many brain cells in the process. The sexism charge is also peculiar since Hillary got the lion’s share, proportionally, of the women’s vote, which is as sexist as the male vote Trump received. Which isn’t sexist at all. That’s the point. Worst case is it was a wash.

There are other reasons oftentimes cited, but these alone serve to make the point that Team Hillary cannot accept responsibility for her loss. The one we haven’t seen yet, but which this author fully anticipates will come, is Global Warming. The left seems to pull that out of the kit bag as a cause for everything else (to include terrorism). Give them time, and I’m sure someone will see it as a ‘win-win,’ a way to give Hillary cover and proselytize the religion of Climate Change at the same time.

Occam’s Razor is instructive in the case of Hillary’s defeat. She lost for many of the reasons candidates have lost elections for hundreds of years. She was unlikeable, cold, disconnected from voters, lacked a clear vision, had no policy prescriptions, failed to campaign effectively, was fatally dishonest about everything, broke the law numerous times, and exuded hubris about herself and her ‘inevitability’ that defied common sense. It definitely was NOT because Vladimir Putin’s dog ate her ballots or for any of the equally absurd and laughable reasons the left continues to conjure up to get themselves through yet another night.

Colonel Michael (“Mike”) Angley is retired from the United States Air Force, a published thriller author, and a conservative writer who fashions himself as Attila the Hun with a laptop. Mike wrote for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Peace blogs before the Breitbart consolidation, receiving superb feedback and kudos for typically weaving in pop culture references with his far right perspectives. He enjoys writing about military affairs, national security issues, and politics and is an avid Second Amendment advocate. When he’s not writing, he’s busy annoying liberals with FaceBook posts and Twitter tweets that point out the obvious flaws and fallacies of the left.

During his 26-year USAF career, the Colonel was a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). The OSI is a sister agency to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and has an identical mission that includes felony-level criminal, fraud, and narcotics investigations as well as counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations. His USAF experiences spanned multiple regions around the globe with five command assignments and duties at foreign, regional, theater and national levels.

He is a seasoned counterintelligence and counterespionage officer from the Cold War era, and if you ask him he’ll tell you the spy-vs-spy days were indeed the heady, glory era of espionage. During the latter half of his career he focused on counterterrorism missions in the Middle East and the Far East and operationalized many of today’s concepts for this unique arena while working the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and a few other “choice” locations. When Colonel Angley retired in 2007, he was a Senior Supervisory Special Agent and was in command of all worldwide OSI matters at Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, CO.

Mike Angley is also a published, award-winning author of three thriller novels in the “Child Finder” trilogy. His debut novel, “Child Finder,” received a glowing review from the Library Journal which placed it on its Summer Reading list in 2009. “Child Finder” and its companion sequel novels all won various awards from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) and the Public Safety Writers Association. In 2012, Mike was named MWSA’s “Author of the Year,” largely for work on his third novel, “Child Finder: Revelation.”

As an avid user of social media, Mike can be found and friended on Facebook (mike.angley) and followed on Twitter (@MikeAngley). His website is www.mikeangley.com. Following his USAF retirement, Mike and his family stayed in Colorado Springs, CO where they enjoy daily, majestic views of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains.



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