‘See, I told You So’

By Colonel Mike Angley

Sorry, Rush Limbaugh, but I felt compelled to steal the title from your 1993 bestseller for this article. It’s appropriate that I take the opportunity to issue a follow-up to my January 19th piece, ‘The American Left’s Historical Embrace of Violence.’ In that article I outlined the left’s historical reliance on agitation, property destruction, assaults, violence and even murder when it doesn’t prevail in the voting booth. I also noted the left’s plans for violence during and after Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Inauguration on the 20th. If violence is what floats your boat, then the left certainly did not disappoint this past weekend.

Unsatisfied with peaceably assembling and exercising that God-given right our Founding Fathers made a guarantee in the Constitution’s First Amendment, the left flipped through its worn out playbook and immediately went to the chapter on chaos. It’s not hard to find; it’s the one that’s dog-eared more prominently than the centerfold in a teenage boy’s dirty magazine. It’s right between the chapters, ‘Everybody’s a Racist’ and ‘Rich People are Mean.’

Washington, DC bore the brunt of most of Friday’s afternoon and evening ‘festivities.’ After all, it was Ground Zero for Trump’s assumption of power. The agitation ran the gamut from protestors forming walls of people to prevent inauguration attendees from getting to the event (some of the patriots they blocked were military members in uniform…so 1970s), to widespread property destruction and arson.

These people were rioters, and in the spirit of Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD (where disgruntled leftist/anarchists tried their best to burn down their cities last year) the lefty DC crowd committed: assaults upon police officers (BLM wannabees, it seems); assaults upon pro-Trump supporters; property destruction (ironically Starbucks – not exactly a bastion of right wingedry — and Bank of America had some of their storefront windows smashed in while patrons scurried for safety); arson of cars; and several vehicles and business were damaged by rocks.

Police responded with tear gas, flash-bang devices, rubber bullets and percussion grenades. There were hundreds of arrests. At some of the Inaugural Balls, liberal thugs formed gauntlets that made Tailhook look like a church service. They blocked patrons from entering the events, threw water bottles at those in black tie and even spit upon them. It was the tolerant left at its best.

Saturday saw hundreds of thousands of women in Pink Pussyhats (I didn’t coin the term, but it’s very ‘liberating,’ right?) and effete ‘men’ in solidarity attend Women’s Marches in DC and several cities across the country. What they were protesting for (or against) was never crystal clear, but the groups appeared to have a laundry list of typical left wing grievances and talking points. There seemed to be some general angst that President Trump had already taken – or was about to take away – women’s rights. Or they were demanding more rights…whatever.

Although the marches per se were peaceful for the most part (if you overlook – and I don’t advocate forgiveness – Madonna’s threat to blow up the White House), there was a constant assault upon decency and civility. Many of the attendees dressed in vulgar costumes resembling oversized vaginas or breasts and/or carried signs replete with cusswords and grotesque images. It didn’t matter to them if children were nearby. Eye bleach was in demand nationwide. The usual suspects from Hollywood came out from under their left coast rocks and lent to the marchers their voices, their nastiness and their self-absorbed celebrity status (having them at her campaign rallies didn’t seem to help Hillary Clinton, just a point worth noting).

How did it sell in middle America? Not well. What the left fails to grasp – and I almost hesitate to mention it because I’d hate for them to figure this out – is that Donald J. Trump is President precisely BECAUSE of this sort of ugliness. The tolerant left is never tolerant, and its sloppy wet love affair with hatred and violence is what drove millions of Americans in November 2016 to finally say, ‘Enough, already!’

We elected Trump to restore law and order where the chaos that Obama stoked had free run for eight years. The over-the-top, in-your-face vulgarity of the Women’s Marches will not turn a single Trump voter to support a Democrat candidate in 2020. I’d even venture to say Trump’s reelection got a boost in the first two days of his administration from the actions of the left.

There are only a few certainties in life: death and taxes are oft-cited, but left wing violence and rude, indecent, indelicate, offensive, distasteful, coarse, crude, ribald, risqué, racy, bawdy, obscene, profane, lewd, salacious, smutty, dirty, filthy and pornographic behavior (and that’s just the liberal women) at left wing ‘peaceful’ events are also among life’s guarantees.

Good, decent, patriotic Americans looked at this past weekend and breathed a sigh of relief that Hillary Clinton lost the election. We also snickered inside knowing that Trump’s movement gained hundreds of thousands of new followers as more people saw the true, violent nature of the Democrat Party. See, I told you so.

Colonel Michael (“Mike”) Angley is retired from the United States Air Force, a published thriller author, and a conservative writer who fashions himself as Attila the Hun with a laptop. Mike wrote for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Peace blogs before the Breitbart consolidation, receiving superb feedback and kudos for typically weaving in pop culture references with his far right perspectives. He enjoys writing about military affairs, national security issues, and politics and is an avid Second Amendment advocate. When he’s not writing, he’s busy annoying liberals with FaceBook posts and Twitter tweets that point out the obvious flaws and fallacies of the left.

During his 26-year USAF career, the Colonel was a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). The OSI is a sister agency to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and has an identical mission that includes felony-level criminal, fraud, and narcotics investigations as well as counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations. His USAF experiences spanned multiple regions around the globe with five command assignments and duties at foreign, regional, theater and national levels.

He is a seasoned counterintelligence and counterespionage officer from the Cold War era, and if you ask him he’ll tell you the spy-vs-spy days were indeed the heady, glory era of espionage. During the latter half of his career he focused on counterterrorism missions in the Middle East and the Far East and operationalized many of today’s concepts for this unique arena while working the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and a few other “choice” locations. When Colonel Angley retired in 2007, he was a Senior Supervisory Special Agent and was in command of all worldwide OSI matters at Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, CO.

Mike Angley is also a published, award-winning author of three thriller novels in the “Child Finder” trilogy. His debut novel, “Child Finder,” received a glowing review from the Library Journal which placed it on its Summer Reading list in 2009. “Child Finder” and its companion sequel novels all won various awards from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) and the Public Safety Writers Association. In 2012, Mike was named MWSA’s “Author of the Year,” largely for work on his third novel, “Child Finder: Revelation.”

As an avid user of social media, Mike can be found and friended on Facebook (mike.angley) and followed on Twitter (@MikeAngley). His website is www.mikeangley.com. Following his USAF retirement, Mike and his family stayed in Colorado Springs, CO where they enjoy daily, majestic views of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains.


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