The Curious Case of Jeff Sessions: What the Left is REALLY Up To

By Colonel Mike Angley

Suddenly Jeff Sessions is a Russian spy, a veritable KGB officer, an agent-provocateur. Before the day ends, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chuck Schumer were to demand the Kremlin release Sessions’s tax returns, his Russian tax returns, because, after all, he works for Putin, right?

Enough with the ‘Russian Sky is Falling’ shtick! To hear the Democrats, one would swear there were now only two countries on this planet: the USA and Russia. We heard about it with regard to the election, one of the many weak excuses Camp Clinton used to explain Hillary’s embarrassing loss. Russia got General Mike Flynn torpedoed from his job as National Security Advisor. Now Russia threatens to unravel Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General.

Ironically, if they look closely enough, the left will find dirty Russian goop all over their own hands and faces. Let’s not forget how Barack Obama promised Vladimir Putin ‘more flexibility’ after his reelection. How about that uranium deal Hillary made with the Ruskies? Something like 20% of US uranium in exchange for a nice fat check to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. There’s some real meat on those bones, but perhaps that’s why lefty fingers point the other way?

That certainly could explain some of the panicky posturing to tie all things Trump to Moscow. A bit of magician misdirection the left is good at doing. But there’s something else going on, something darker and more sinister when it comes to opposing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

His confirmation process was neither clean nor easy. He faced significant obstruction from Senate Democrats, more so than most other Trump Cabinet nominees. Interestingly, the same Senators with whom he worked collegially, amicably, side-by-side for many years suddenly noticed he was a racist for something he didn’t say, didn’t do, long before becoming a Senator. But that didn’t stick. Although the left failed during confirmation, they still need to take him down.

Why is it that Sessions was acceptable – downright welcomed — as a Senator, but now he’s Public Enemy #1? The answer lies in his new job. The Attorney General wields significant power. The kind of power that threatens Democrat liberty and money. He can put them in jail and he can fine them. And they know it.

For decades, Democrats have enjoyed the freedom to engage in criminal enterprise with nearly zero chance of accountability. The last eight years alone they’ve run amok as Dem-friendly AGs, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, looked the other way. The latter one did so infamously once on a tarmac. Even when Republicans controlled various levers and dials of government, they were ‘establishment’ enough to take it easy on their fellow Establishment Club members from the other side of the aisle. That’s why the kinds of things that would put ordinary people in jail merited ‘harsh’ punishments like a public rebuke, censure on the floor of Congress, or at most, a flea-sized fine.

AG Sessions knows where many of the beltway bodies are buried (no one serves in the Senate for as long as he did and remain unaware of wrongdoing). For those he doesn’t, he possesses the investigative power to find them. General Sessions works for a non-Establishment President who made campaign promises to the Drain the Swamp (pro-tip for Democrats: this means YOU). The steady chants of “Lock her up!” at Trump campaign rallies did not fall on deaf Clinton ears. The left is scared to death of Sessions, and powerful people are determined to undermine him no matter what it takes.

Perhaps that’s why Valerie Jarrett is now co-habitating with the Obamas, in the Soros-funded Command Center for Corruption and Chaos? But I digress.

So let’s circle back to Russia. Why Russia and why now? It’s simple, really. The Democrats who fear loss of freedom and life-changing forfeiture of personal treasure need to script a defense in advance of prosecution. If they batter him today, they will create the perception that any attempt to investigate them in the future is a Sessions witch hunt, vengeful political payback. It won’t matter how righteous the allegation, how strong the evidence, how old the crime. Any investigation the Department of Justice undertakes against any Democrat official will meet with screams of bias and prejudice.

I can picture Senator Schumer standing in front of the cameras, his voice dripping with his usual sanctimonious, nasal-whining arrogance, “The Attorney General is engaging in a political prosecution because we dared to demand his resignation in light of the Russian collusion we uncovered. This is a partisan witch hunt and must not stand!” You get the picture.

Think jury tampering, except in this case the jury is the American people and the venue is the court of public opinion. The left, the Democrats, are purchasing for themselves insurance against prosecution, coercive immunity, by crafting phony allegations against a decent and honorable man. Taint the man and you taint his motives.

The best remedy is for Team Trump to ignore the noise and press on with governing this great nation. Stand by AG Sessions and reject even the premise that he should have been more forthcoming in his confirmation testimony. He did nothing wrong. I think it was a mistake for General Sessions to have recused himself because that accepts at least part of the fake news premise of wrongdoing.

The Democrats are overplaying their hand, so let them continue to damage their brand on their own. AG Sessions should fearlessly go after every scrap of crime and corruption in government and prosecute accordingly, regardless of who they are or the power they once held.

Meanwhile, I plan to pour myself a tall White Russian and celebrate the demise of the Democrat Party, the deconstruction of the Establishment’s Globalist System, and the rise again of America as a great and exceptional country. Да благословит Бог Америки!

P.S. The last time the Democrats were this upset with Russia was 25 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed and the last Communist tyrant was driven from the Kremlin, shattering the American left’s Marxist dreams. That could also help explain things.



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  1. Very well said! I still think the Republicans are holding back! They have all this power yet they are afraid to use it! Republicans need to clean out the obama loyalists till in the White House, press charges against Hillary, Holder, Lynch and anyone else that got a free pass…Lois Lerner is another one…

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