HB2 Repeal, The Loss Of Basic Protections Of Our Women And Children In North Carolina

By Tricia Erickson, a North Carolina resident

Is there ANY common sense left in North Carolina and our nation? Why have liberal politics taken over common sense and the human right to protect our potentially vulnerable women and children in our bathrooms?

Excuse my in-your-face truth here for the sake of realism on this situation. When I, my daughter, or my granddaughters have to use public bathroom facilities, we walk into the bathroom, we choose a stall, we enter the stall, we close the stall door, we disrobe our bottoms, we sit on a toilet with our bare and unclothed bottoms, we do our business, stand up, then pull our underwear back up and pull our outer pants up or dresses back down. We then open the stall door, go to the sink, wash our hands and vacate the bathroom.

Now picture this process going on when you see through the large cracks in the doors and joints of the bathroom stalls, that a perverted man (I use the word “perverted” because any man who walks into a female bathroom fits the term completely) legally walks into the women’s bathroom.  Even picture a “man” in drag, dressed as a women, standing outside your bathroom booth or using the booth beside you.  

A man in a dress, or even dressed as a man, who “thinks” he’s a female is still extremely frightening to women in public restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. This is a huge issue with women that the politicians are ignoring.

As Americans, we all have the freedom to “believe” anything we desire to believe and the facts be damned. However, if those beliefs are contrary to the truth, the public safety to our women and children and the common sense right for women and children to be private and protected in women’s bathrooms, perverted political correctness be damned!

Consider these facts on homosexuality (reference: book – The Health Hazards of Homosexuality):

  • Homosexuality is comprised of behavior, not innate biological characteristics.
  • There is no scientific evidence for assertions that people are “born gay”
  • The “born gay” theory has been discredited through multiple studies of identical twins.
  • Engagement in risky, unnatural practices and abusive relationships could contribute to the higher rates of mental disorders.
  • LGBT legal groups have worked to protect the “right” to have sex in public places, forcing their activities on the general public. (and the safety of our women and children in the bathrooms)

In recent news, there have been multiple rapes of women and children in public restrooms. Therefore, would there not be more sexual assaults against women and children if a “man” is allowed to use the “women’s” bathrooms?

How utterly ridiculous it is not to see the common sense truth on this basic privacy and safety issue, the risks to our women and children in the state of North Carolina and throughout the United States, for that matter?

Judge Anton Scalia stated:

the state does have an interest in “crafting and safeguarding of public morality … a legitimate government interest under rational basis scrutiny” The state also has a legitimate interest in preserving the public health. There can be no dispute that the disproportionate physical illness and poshological dysfunction accompanying homosexuality are serious public health issues”. Justice Antonin Scalia, 2003

Roy Cooper’s support of the repeal of HB2 has placed our women and children in harm’s way and has taken our “right to privacy” in the bathrooms from us. I call for a class action suit against Roy Cooper for his dereliction of duty to protect women and our most vulnerable children in every restroom in the state of NC. If Cooper is so “concerned” with the rights of the gay and transgender movement due to his on liberal and distorted value system, let him take his own money to build separate “transgender bathrooms”, not ours!

Tricia Erickson
was, as reported by Barbara Walters on 20/20, the first Damage Control and Crisis Management expert in the country.

Tricia Erickson is a notable political commentator and frequent on-air contributor to major prime-time television and cable networks such as FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, numerous radio stations across the country, and a variety of international online podcasts.

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Tricia Erickson is not only an influential political commentator and the publisher of The Conservative Pundit website, she is an enterprising businesswoman with a long and successful career as a major motion picture casting director, crisis management specialist, and publicity and image consultant communications expert who is devoted to optimizing the promotion of the conservative and Christian views of her client’s causes through a wide range of mainstream media broadcast venues and online social networks.

Tricia Erickson is also the author of the controversial book entitled, Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus the Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.

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