Republicans: Get Your Butts Moving!


Colonel Mike Angley

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” ~J. Wellington Wimpy, 1934

Who remembers Wimpy, Popeye’s food-pinching buddy from the cartoon series? That portly fellow, perpetually broke, regularly begged Popeye to buy him food. He promised to pay him back of course, on Tuesday, but the problem was, Tuesday never came. Today’s Grand Old Party reminds me of the voracious Wimpy.

It’s been 100 years since the GOP has had so much power. It controls the House of Representatives, the Senate, the White House, governorships and legislatures in most states, and probably a majority of dog catcher positions across the country. So much power that’s sadly wasted in weak, feckless, timid hands.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the GOP was still in the minority the way it seeks compromise with the Democrats, makes deals, negotiates away its strength, or simply argues internally about what to do next (except take vacations; those decisions come easy).

As a former military officer, it’s hard for me to understand. The vanquished do not dictate the terms of their surrender to the victors. The only table at which they get a seat is the surrender table when they’re told, “Sign here.”

How did we get here? Like Wimpy, the GOP begged for hamburgers many times over the past eight years, and the voters fed them. “Give us the House and we’ll stop President Obama,” they promised.

The Tea Party formed, grassroots across the nation, and we delivered the House in the 2010 midterms. Tuesday came and went. Obama, armed with pen and phone, continued to ravage the Constitution while the GOP looked the other way.

“Give us the Senate now! Without the Senate, there’s not much we can really do to stop Obama.” So in 2014 we gave them the Senate and even increased their majority in the House. Many Tuesdays came and went and there was no movement to rollback or repair anything Obama destroyed.

So we asked them, “What about Obamacare?” Surely the GOP could at least pass legislation to repeal it now that it was in control of the entire Congress? We knew Obama would veto it, but at least it would show the will of the people was against that law.

“We’ll leave that up to the Supreme Court. It’s guaranteed the court will find Obamacare unconstitutional,” the GOP leadership boldly predicted. Nope. In 2015, Chief Justice John Roberts became the tie breaker and Obamacare lived and went on to destroy healthcare in America as we once knew it.

“You see, what we really need now is the White House. Give us a Republican President and nothing can stop us!” they promised yet again. So in 2016, We the People delivered. President Donald J. Trump now sits in the Oval Office, and while he has accomplished much in his first 100 days, he’s stymied by his own party.

The Tuesdays continue to come and go as major planks of President Trump’s platform have slowed to a grind: Obamacare repeal, border wall funding, and tax reform sit stuck in debate. The stock markets that surged when Trump was elected have begun to give back some of their gains in a sign of frustration that meaningful change will ever come. Wall Street isn’t fooled by what’s going on, and neither are We the People.

The same GOP which claims it tried 52 times to repeal Obamacare over eight years, suddenly cannot craft a single bill to take the final headshot when there’s a President on Pennsylvania Avenue itching to sign it?

It’s simple. They were never serious about repealing Obamacare in the first place. It was pure Kabuki Theater designed to fool us. They knew that anything they sent to Obama was doomed to a veto, so they could pretend to be tough just to get reelected, while never seriously advancing the ball on the field.

There’s NO reason at all why the GOP didn’t put a bill on President Trump’s desk in the first week to fully repeal Obamacare. NONE whatsoever. There was never any reason to break it down into three separate bills, each one a watered down version of anything the GOP crafted when Obama was at the helm. They never suggested a three-part, piecemeal approach to repeal over the last eight years, but suddenly that’s the only way it can get done?

This was the ultimate Wimpy promise. “Support us in passing this first, very weak bill today and we’ll gladly pass the other two tough ones on Tuesdays to come.” Yeah, like that was ever going to happen.

Hey, GOP, if you were honest about repealing Obamacare, why not send President Trump one of the so-called ‘tough’ repeal bills you crafted when Obama was president? Crickets.

Why the debate and compromise within the GOP itself on Obamacare (or even about the wall or tax reform)? These are self-inflicted wounds by a party afraid of its own power. We get it, the establishment does not like Donald Trump, but to slit one’s own throat to make a point is plain nuts. If the GOP wants to return power to the Democrats, I cannot think of a better way.

Time has run out for the excuses and fecklessness. We’ve given the GOP EVERYTHING it has asked for and then some. We expect action on the things we’ve demanded and which they promised to deliver. We want the toughest, most uncompromising bills that do everything the people elected the GOP to do and everything President Trump promised that won him election.

If not, then on some Tuesday to come, for sure an election day, We the People will collect. It will either be in the form of primary losses for lazy, excuse-making, incumbent GOP legislators or in the outright loss of seats we generously gave the party in return for many, many broken promises over the last eight years. Get your butts moving, GOP.

Colonel Michael (“Mike”) Angley is retired from the United States Air Force, a published thriller author, and a conservative writer who fashions himself as Attila the Hun with a laptop. Mike wrote for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Peace blogs before the Breitbart consolidation, receiving superb feedback and kudos for typically weaving in pop culture references with his far right perspectives. He enjoys writing about military affairs, national security issues, and politics and is an avid Second Amendment advocate. When he’s not writing, he’s busy annoying liberals with FaceBook posts and Twitter tweets that point out the obvious flaws and fallacies of the left.

During his 26-year USAF career, the Colonel was a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). The OSI is a sister agency to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) and has an identical mission that includes felony-level criminal, fraud, and narcotics investigations as well as counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations. His USAF experiences spanned multiple regions around the globe with five command assignments and duties at foreign, regional, theater and national levels.

He is a seasoned counterintelligence and counterespionage officer from the Cold War era, and if you ask him he’ll tell you the spy-vs-spy days were indeed the heady, glory era of espionage. During the latter half of his career he focused on counterterrorism missions in the Middle East and the Far East and operationalized many of today’s concepts for this unique arena while working the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and a few other “choice” locations. When Colonel Angley retired in 2007, he was a Senior Supervisory Special Agent and was in command of all worldwide OSI matters at Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs, CO.

Mike Angley is also a published, award-winning author of three thriller novels in the “Child Finder” trilogy. His debut novel, “Child Finder,” received a glowing review from the Library Journal which placed it on its Summer Reading list in 2009. “Child Finder” and its companion sequel novels all won various awards from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) and the Public Safety Writers Association. In 2012, Mike was named MWSA’s “Author of the Year,” largely for work on his third novel, “Child Finder: Revelation.”

As an avid user of social media, Mike can be found and friended on Facebook (mike.angley) and followed on Twitter (@MikeAngley). His website is Following his USAF retirement, Mike and his family stayed in Colorado Springs, CO where they enjoy daily, majestic views of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains.


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