The Left is Still Using Tragedy to Disarm Americans

By Nina May

(I wrote this article in 2012 shortly after the Newtown tragedy. It is amazing how timely it still is in light of another tragedy in Florida. And the left, once again, moved very quickly, to politicize it by trying to shame anyone who belongs to or supports the NRA. I personally refuse to cower to their draconian tactics which now include shaming car companies and airlines who have in the past supported the NRA. Their misguided tactics are transparent and will not work because too many Americans love liberty over oppression, and value freedom of speech and association and will not be silenced by an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment lobby that is using this tragedy to further their very dangerous agenda.)

I drove past a very interesting and contradictory conundrum, rendered as such by the recent tragedy in Newtown, Conn., and the immediate move by the left to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. On one side of the road was a packed parking lot in front of a gun store. On the other side, directly across from it, was a church with a sign posted that said, “330 children murdered each day in the U.S.”

If a person drove by this spot, after hearing about the recent tragedy in Connecticut, they would have immediately assumed that those 330 daily deaths were caused by the “radical terrorists,” across the street. But the killers of these children did not use guns, they used abortion instruments and are hailed as heroes by the same people who have politicized a tragedy to continue pushing their agenda of absolute control over the lives of every American.

It is charming how they feign disgust at the idea of assault weapons being on the open market when the Obama administration released thousands into the criminal element of the nation in their “Fast and Furious” program. They were hoping this type of mass murder would occur so they could once again beat their anti-gun drums to advance their unconstitutional, and frankly impractical agenda. To them, these same children, before being born, are nameless choices with no rights to life and potential victims of state sanctioned, and potentially funded, murder. With that mentality of dehumanization of the individual, they can’t be shocked that a product of their twisted indoctrination, acts out a type of post birth abortion. The idea of values clarification and situational ethics created this monster . . . not the gun lobby or the NRA.

The same people who support banning all guns are responsible for designing mind-numbing video games that desensitize young kids to such violence. They are winning awards for the top grossing movie, “Hunger Games,” that not only glorifies such violence, but has kids killing each other for the pure entertainment of the adults. The premise is quite perverted, yet hailed by these gun abolitionists as edgy, artsy, and worthy of cultural acclaim.

Well they can’t have it both ways. They can’t claim to abhor the violence against our children, while cramming every violent thought and activity down their throats . . . with assault weapons, and any other potential tool of destruction.

The amazing irony is that there are more gun owners in America than there are people registered to vote. There are more guns in America than there are citizens and there are 50 million hunting licenses issued every season. This means there are 50 million Americans, wandering the woods shooting all types of assault weapons and there has yet to be a mass killing out there. It is the largest standing Army in the world that could quickly be formed into a militia . . . if the need arose. The recent remake of the 30 year old movie, Red Dawn, shows a scenario where the nation is overrun by foreigners who will kill anyone who opposes them. It is the fact that the citizens are armed, that allows the country to regain its footing and eventually defeat the enemy.

What is wrong with that? Why in the world would we risk disarming Americans and placing ourselves in a vulnerable position of attack? The founding fathers understood that what they were doing was considered treasonous and they could all hang for opposing the King and England’s totalitarian control of them. Nathan Hale was hanged right after stating he regretted he had but one life to give for his country. The founders had to meet in secret because the spies were reporting their treasonous acts to the king. The famous meeting in St. John’s Church in Richmond, where Patrick Henry gave his rousing “liberty or death” speech, was held there to avoid capture and incarceration.

This nation was founded in opposition to an oppressive government that was denying the citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and their battle cry became, “We have no King but Jesus.” That blood still runs in the veins of most Americans, whether by birth or adherence to a political ideal of liberty and individual sovereignty.

This belief system is the antithesis of those who believe a more draconian government is necessary to control every aspect of our lives, returning us to absolute control by a despotic ruler. Oddly, liberals never seem to think they would be affected by such a move, perhaps assuming they would be part of the ruling class. And what troubles those who cling to their guns and religion is that these are flawed elitists who feel they are more worthy to exist, to rule, to determine our very destinies.

It is understandable that Obama does not discern this mindset since he never lived on the mainland of the U.S. Until 1980 and immediately went into a hermetically sealed academic setting where theory and ideology replaced real life experience and historic conflict and controversy. He missed the civil rights movement and the move of the people to peacefully, in most cases, to change the very culture that would one day welcome their first black president. That ideological conflict was not as deadly as the civil war, 150 years prior, but the divisions and purposes of the battle were the same. It was freedom vs. oppression and that is still the battle we fight today.

The left seems to think that a badge and uniform suddenly transform a crazed killer into a law abiding member of society who should solely be responsible for our safety. That is like saying bus and cab drivers should be the only ones who are allowed to drive and we have to depend on them to get around.

But recently, Culpeper, Virginia, just 60 miles from the nation’s Capitol, had one of their uniformed policeman shoot an unarmed, innocent 54 year old woman, in the head, several times. The eyewitnesses say it was totally unprovoked and the immediate assumption was they were lying and the officer was telling the truth. He claimed she rolled her window up on his arm and dragged him down the street. There was no such rolling or dragging . . . she was in a Jeep with a crank handle and his gun was already drawn.

He would have been allowed to get away with murder had the citizens of Culpeper not put up such a fight to expose the truth. No, the badge and the uniform did not transform him into a perfect human . . . he was flawed on several levels, that came out in the subsequent Grand Jury. And, since it did not advance the agenda that only uniformed officers should be trusted with firearms, the media totally ignored this shocking murder.

Like the bus and cab driver, if the rest of us want to get behind the wheel, we have to take classes and show that we are capable of safely operating a vehicle. The conceal carry permit class is very intense, takes a while to complete, and is hands-on in so many ways including a turn at the range.

There is no mystery that a gun can be deadly, but so can a car. It is just an object, which in the wrong hands, can be deadly. But if people are taught the proper use of fire arms, and learn to respect those who are carrying them, like the millions of hunters and NRA members do every season, there is no reason to “change” a country because a couple of nuts took their violent movies and video games to heart.

If the left wants to change something, it should be how they view responsible Americans who legally own guns. They are not the enemy. They are not evil, instead they can be the difference between a potential tragedy and one that occurred in Newtown, Conn.  If only one of the teachers had a conceal carry with them, many lives could have been saved. But . . . that does not further the lefts’ anti-gun agenda which suggests that only a tiny minority of people should be able to control the rest of us . . . because we are not to be trusted with our liberties. Sounds like King George almost 250 years ago, and we know how that turned out.

Nina May is the Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, an international leadership organization with offices in the US and the Republic of Korea. The Renaissance Foundation hosts international seminars, exchanges and events that bring business and political leaders of different countries and cultural backgrounds together. Nina is also a notable film maker, writer, commentator and contributor to many conservative news organizations and sites.



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