Wearing the Yellow Star of the NRA … March 24, 2018 . . . Let the Shame Game Begin

By Nina May

After the horrific display of ineptitude by people wearing uniforms and carrying guns, who could have acted to help prevent the murder of 17 innocent kids, a young political activist, David Hogg, rose to the occasion. He tweeted shaming threats to several car companies, airlines and other service industries that support or give special bonuses to those who belong to Planned Parenthood. Within minutes of the tweets the cowed groups, acquiesced to this political and public “shaming” by declaring they would no longer support the killing of unborn babies.

Now, of course, if that happened, David would be a pariah in the media, not the darling of the Left he has become. Before my liberal friends suggest I am trying to silence a young man from sending threatening and intimidating tweets, heaven forbid. It’s just unfortunate that his passion for saving the lives of children doesn’t include when they are the most vulnerable and helpless. And the deaths of these unborn children are never caused by guns or the NRA.

Ironically, one of the cowering airlines declared instantly that they would no longer give special discounts to members of the NRA but they would continue giving money to Planned Parenthood. I wonder if these shamed companies are sponsoring “March for OUR lives,” and if so, will they also give to the “March for Life” and its efforts to protect the lives of the unborn.

What is disconcerting and a little disingenuous on so many levels, is a completely orchestrated political move to disarm law-abiding citizens with the very lame excuse that it will make our kids safer. Tell that to Kate Steinle’s family whose daughter was killed by an illegal alien with a hand gun that didn’t belong to him. Those two bad elements created a lethal incident leaving a beautiful young woman dead. He would have still been able to commit that crime if the Second Amendment had been repealed because first of all, he flaunted the laws by coming into the country illegally … several times. And, he obviously did not have to pass a background check since he committed another crime when he stole the gun. This is not a man who would have complied with the “see something and say something” code of civility.

The Left’s move to now intimidate, marginalize, dehumanize and shame anyone who disagrees with them on this issue is Ground Hog’s Day for every totalitarian regime in history. In Nazi Germany, it was the Jew who was marginalized and forced to wear the yellow armband of shame and ridicule for their despicable crime of being non-aryan. Young Mr. Hogg, who has positioned himself to be the spokesman for his generation, has boarded a train of his own choice and now must face the vocal opposition of those challenging his political opinions without suggesting they are trying to stifle free speech.

He claims to reinforce the rational thinking that all voices and opinions should be heard and to bully any group of people into silence or coercion is not what this country was founded on . . . unless that voice is in opposition to your collective outrage.  To openly oppose the Second Amendment, you must first embrace the reality that the First Amendment applies to all citizens and that means your views will be met with a barage of alternatives as unique as the individuals who voice them. The country has not morphed into “the Borg” of group-think … yet.

The national March 24 event, designed to shame the NRA and its supporters, backed by multi-millionaires, all with their own private, armed, security teams, will be an expose’ of the highest hypocrisy. Every one of these frothy elites have embraced the right of a woman to do with her body as she pleases including no restriction on the murder of her unborn baby up and until the moment of natural birth. But they will take from that same woman the right to protect her body from the abuser or the rapist. She is not to be trusted with the gun of her choice and if she does choose an AR-15 as her companion in an isolated region of the country, she will be deemed to be mentally unstable and a candidate for further shaming.

The people who should be shamed are the ones who were on notice that the Parkland shooter had psychological issues and did nothing. The FBI should be shamed for a variety of reasons the least of which is not that they had dozens of warnings about this crazed individual long before this happened. There has to be a stronger word than shame for the sheriffs, guards, officers …. basically anyone with a gun and uniform who allowed the shooting to continue while hiding behind their cars.

And to further shore up that irresponsible behavior, is the incoherent response from Sheriff Israel, who refused to take any responsibility for the actions of a deputy under his command. He said,  “I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn’t have the heart to go in, that’s not my responsibility.” WOW … now that’s what I call a contradiction of the highest order. Take out “badge” and “training” and suddenly you have a scenario that encapsulates the mentality of the Left as it relates to gun ownership.

For them, it is just the badge and uniform that separate us from those in control. That has quaintly been referred to throughout history as a police state, where only those with cute outfits are worthy to pack. Even though the person who gave them guns is declaring he is not responsible for how they are used, we are to believe that every single American citizen, without a uniform and badge, who owns a gun, is a potential killer.

The media should be ashamed for setting this poor kid up as the poster boy for their decades old anti-gun movement. They have pitted him against over 100 million law abiding citizens who have committed no crimes, done nothing wrong, and exercised their rights within the four corners of the Constitution. Sadly, the cheerleaders for these young activists would have been thrilled if less than 20 years ago their moms had chosen an alternative to the pro-life position. They would be unknown, uncelebrated, unimportant if their moms had not chosen life and no one would mourn their passing . . . like they don’t mourn the passing of 1,000 babies who are slaughtered, legally, every single day in America.

Any child born after 1973 was carrying a state-sponsored death sentence with it for 9 months, brought to you by … the Supreme Court. There was no one to cheer millions as they grew in the womb, only to die unknown, alone, the product of carelessness and selfishness. The moms were patted on the back as doing the right thing, the brave thing. It is wonderful that these kids not only escaped being physically harmed by the violence in their school, but the potential violence in their home womb. And, it would be wonderful if they showed as much compassion for the babies, being murdered, today, right now, as they show anger against a non-profit, membership based organization that was founded to provide gun safety and marksmen classes back in the mid 1800’s . .  An organization that is charged with protecting and defending the Constitution and all Amendments.

Where is the Constitutional amendment allowing the murder of innocent babies? If anything, it should have been interpreted to guarantee that the “Right to Life,” should not end in the womb, but start there.  And when Obamacare was passed, not one Supreme Court Judge stood to say it was a direct contradiction to Roe v. Wade because now the government could tell a woman what she could and couldn’t do with her body … what insurance she must have and that it must cover abortion even if she was an 80-year-old nun.  The state laws that demand a woman strap seatbelts between her boobs and over her stomach are laws that are enforced and demand a woman do with her body as the law says.

But …. then there is the Second Amendment, sitting right there next to the first Amendment. And the reason was to make sure the people could protect the Constitution and liberty, at all costs. The Second has nothing to do with hunting even though there are over 50 million hunting licenses out there which suggests that if these 50 million gun owners were crazed killers, there would be no one left to protest the private ownership of guns. Instead, it has everything to do with what we are seeing in the headlines each day as gun owners, NRA members and defenders of the Second Amendment, are in the spotlight of shame.

The politicians who swear to uphold and defend the Constitution, but act against the Second Amendment, are the ones who should be shamed. Not only shamed, but impeached if they are standing now in opposition to it. When that young man asked Senator Rubio in the faux town hall that CNN hosted, if he would take money from the NRA, he should have turned to the elected officials behind him and asked if they were going to uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution … the WHOLE Constitution.

While the Left pounds the Second Amendment into the ground they conveniently ignore the reality of the Obama Administration unleashing hundreds of assault rifles into the public in their “Fast and Furious” plan to have enough atrocities committed that the public would rally against guns altogether.  They are finally getting their wish as the anti-gun activists converge on the nation’s capitol. But, will they mention border patrol agent, Brian Terry, who was murdered by one of these weapons? Will they condemn either President Obama or Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over papers that would expose the truth? Will they eulogize the 200 murders that have occurred with guns from Fast and Furious? They can’t blame NRA for this illegal gun running, because to do so means they have to mention and acknowledge their guilt, which you know they won’t.

So, as the buses converge on Washington, bought and paid for by the anti-gun lobby and the elite gliterati from entertainment to politics, who all have armed security, supported by people who have open disdain for the freedoms this nation provides and defends, we should all celebrate the First Amendment that allows this display of opinion. We should all listen carefully as they allow all points of view to be expressed, including members of the NRA who should be allowed to speak even though they are accused of lobbying by the very lobbying groups that are organizing the rally. We welcome ideas about how to make kids safe in public schools while allowing those who dissent from the gun-grabbing mantra to be heard as well.

We should listen closely as they embrace the ideas of hardening the schools, adding security protocols in addition to armed guards and conceal carry teachers who are competent with the handling of guns. They should encourage retired military and law enforcement to volunteer their time in their local schools to ensure protection while posting signs around the school that it will be protected by armed individuals.

We should be ready to applaud the idea that local police precincts should consider moving next to school facilities around the country so that there is an instant response to any attempt to hurt the kids. The police would be seen as protectors of life and property, not as the enemy the Left has successfully portrayed them as being. The educational and law enforcement communities could work together to provide safe spaces for kids while sending powerful messages to anyone who would consider harming one of these.

If that is what will happen on March 24, 2018, around the country, then we should all rejoice in this event and support it without hesitation. But, if it becomes a pulpit for the anti-gun, anti-NRA, shaming elite, who live in protected bubbles of security and comfort, then it will be wasted time, money and political influence. It will send a message to all law abiding citizens of the true agenda of this anti-gun lobby effort. And those who disagree, should have the same rights to express opposition to what is said and should be encouraged to do so without fear of being shamed, marginalized, ridiculed or dehumanized. That’s the promise of Free Speech … so …  let the games begin.

Nina May is the Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, an international leadership organization with offices in the US and the Republic of Korea. The Renaissance Foundation hosts international seminars, exchanges and events that bring business and political leaders of different countries and cultural backgrounds together. Nina is also a notable film maker, writer, commentator and contributor to many conservative news organizations and sites.

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  1. Proves liberal government does not work for citizens…Broward sheriff was a Clinton supporter ….not doing his job by the book…and FBI…well…who knows why they never investigated the phone calls about Nicholas Cruz?

  2. For several generations we have been brain washed by those who call themselves democrats which is not the democratic party of our fathers. Now the political correctness that has taken over our country has made our citizens insecure about speaking their own minds. This has flooded down through our educational system into several generations mind-bending our children not to think for themselves, with the curriculum being changed into nothingness as far as history, morals, and learning to go out into the world with the thought they were prepared to make it through hard work. Heaven forbid our parents have given their children everything without knowing what went into it to have such possessions. Responsibility has went out the door also.

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