President Obama Mislead On The Reason For Jim Foley’s Murder In His Speech

By Tricia Erickson,

Dear Media, President Obama Mislead On The Reason For Jim Foley’s Murder In His Speech Today!

The never ending camouflage of the truth comes from our President’s words, yet again. I quote his purposed “politically correct” distortions here:

  • “ISLE speaks for no religion”
  • “No faith teaches people to massacre innocents”
  • “ISLE has no ideology of any value to human beings”

Well, Obama, Islam is based on the Koran. ISLE is following their religion perfectly by the maiming and beheading of innocents. For the sake of the reality of why non-Islamists are to be murdered, let me quote some scriptures from the Koran:

  • “Martyrdom is therefore the ONLY way for a Muslim to obtain forgiveness of sins” Surat Al Tawbah 9:111
  • “Jihad (fighting for Allaha’s cause) is ordained for you” Surat Al-Baqarah 2:216
  • “Kill the Mushrikun (non-Muslims), wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in each and every ambush” Surat Al-Taubah 9:5
  • “they (non-Muslims) shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite sides, or be exiled from the land” Surat Al Maidah 5:33
  • “And if you are killed or die in the Way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all that they amass” Surat Al Taubah 9:111

There are many more verses in the Koran that call for the killing and maiming of Christians, Jews and non-believers. And people, we absolutely have to wise up about the religion of Islam because we are, indeed, being killed because of it.

I could not believe that right after 9-11, the news organizations enacted a campaign of “Islam is a religion of peace”. We had just seen the horror of 3,000 innocent Americans murdered because of what Islam teaches, yet we had to hear these distortions about what the Koran’s commands?

I wrote about this years ago after 9-11. If you want to know the TRUTH about why they slaughter us, read the full story (on this safe link) here:


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