Establishment Republicans Like Romney Should Get Off Brewer’s Back!

By: Tricia Erickson

Re: AZ Senate Bill 1062

As Mitt Romney continues to show his true colors,, it is important to note that he (Mitt) Fathered Gay Marriage to America.

While Establishment liberal Republicans In Name Only continue to speak out against Godly and conservative principals, they continue to destroy the basic Godly principals that this once great nation was founded upon. And when freedom of religion and the decision to live by Godly principals in all walks of life, including your business life, contradicts what the Word Of God, The Bible, teaches, we have lost our freedom to worship in this nation.

Christian worship means living your life according to God’s principals in everything that you do. When Christian business owners lose the FREEDOM to follow the dictates of their consciences, grounded in and upon the Word Of God, they lose their liberty to worship according to the dictates of their own religious beliefs. They are faced with the choice of either closing their businesses or going against what the bible says and supporting what offends God.

We are going to see more and more people in this Judeo Christian nation rising up in support of freedom of religion and the lawful right to act according to the dictates of their consciences, versus the political agendas of groups who want to take their God Given rights away from them.

And if you are open for a common sense message on politics, versus, freedom of following the Living God, read further: On Gay Marriage, Politicians Sell Their Souls for Political Gain

Who will you follow?

PS:  On a side note, I’m waiting for African Americans to rise up against the usurpation of the gay movement stealing away all of the hard work that devout Christian Martin Luther King accomplished for their freedoms for racial equality. The homosexual lifestyle is a sexual preference, NOT A CIVIL RIGHT. You know the saying, “what God meant for good……”



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