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We live in one of the most treacherous political times that our nation has ever experienced.  We have a President who was elected on “star power” versus experience, sound judgment and a heart to protect the citizens of the United States of America.

Barack Obama made so many promises when running for the highest office in the land, only to pull the trusting and naive US citizens in to the voting booth.

Once this half black, half white “messiah” roosted in to his seat at the White House, the facade of the anointed one was peeled away, one broken promise at a time…. one unconstitutional program at a time…. many lies at a time…. many socialist czars and appointments at a time…. one nuclear weapons reduction plan at a time and on and on we go.

Is America protected from those that would harm us under this administration?  I say a whopping NO!  I will go further to say that we placed an “enemy of the state” at the helm of this great country.

Now that America is waking up, we are swimming against the current of the momentum that has been gained by this administration, an administration that is the elected and appointed enemy of everything that our country stands for.