Anti-Common-Core (book) Author Testifies on Common Core and Standardized Student Tests

As the battle rages in Washington, DC over the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government, federal politicians are tone deaf to what is happening in the states.

For decades, Americans trusted their schools to educate their children. Now, parents are seeing their children break down emotionally as they try to handle the math that comes with Common Core, learn the countless Muslim words of this political religion, and struggle through as much as a 20-25 hours per year of poorly done assessments, many developmentally inappropriate.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is the federal government given authority over local schools across America. Nevertheless, since 1964 and the Great Society, the federal government has gone from dabbling in educational research to using federal Stimulus taxpayer moneys to game the system. During Obama’s first term in office, he delivered almost $100 billion to the states and for 2014 requested 71.2 BILLION dollars for the U.S. Department of Education. This is the tip of the iceberg and billions more are spent at the state level. This does not even count the hundreds of “educational programs” in the other federal departments of Defense, Health, Housing, Agriculture etc.

Parents are crying uncle as the federal dollar has been over ruling local decisions. Assessments are taking up more and more classroom preparation time and less learning is occurring. Not only are assessments non productive for the teacher because results are not known for months, but the thousand points of data collected on each student is allowing the insatiable federal bully to assemble enough information on each student to profile the student for the benefit of “the state” not to help the student to become an independent, analytical, informed citizen.

In today’s hearings, Mrs. Hearne will make two points.

1) Return assessments to once-a-year types of tests such as the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills from fifty years ago with no personal collection of data on students. Support the in-class, teacher given tests for ascertaining how much knowledge and understanding is being taught. The only ones who should have assess to these test results are the teachers and parent. Cut the huge lucrative testing industry’s gravy train of consultant fees, material costs and the stables of educational elites dreaming up ways to assess and then control the thoughts of the children.

2) State by state start refusing the federal money and the compliance costs that come with is. Huge bureaucracies, hanger-ons and wealthy education consultants line their pockets but do not make our children smarter or emotionally stable. In fact, just the opposite is happening with teachers reporting student emotional problems due to manipulative assessments and pressure to do well.

Mrs. Hearne in her book, The Long War and Common Core documents how the educational elites not only plan to control and change the thinking of the students, but also are actually doing it! This becomes more troubling as school after school across the country are found to be teaching Islam is a way that does not provide a balanced view of freedom, promotes Sharia law over the US Constitution and the dismisses the Judeo-Christian moral basis for the founding of the US.

The fastest way to making American education exceptional again is to return the education of our children to the parents and teachers by defunding the U.S. Department of Education, or at least start by block granting all the funding back to the states with no strings. Eighteen TRILLION dollars of debt, much of it borrowed from China, calls for common sense rather than Common Core.

hearne-100hearne-book-100Author, teacher and former Reagan appointee to the U.S. Department of Education, Donna Hearne in her new book, The Long War and Common Core warns about the subversive Trojan horse of Common Core and the current federal educational proposals. Hearne documents the eighty-year old plan to change American exceptionalism, using the schools, into American servitude by destroying the independent, analytical thinking of individuals and replacing it with doctrinaire, programmed group thought. She points out how in texts and the Common Core standards America is being portrayed as the bad guy and capitalism destructive. Progressive, social justice is good and Christianity predatory. The individual should not control his own money but be forced to “share it.”