Media Alert – Syrian Refugees!

March 20th, 2015

This morning on MSNBC, UK’s Miliband (now heading an NGO at a handsome salary)  lectures America on the moral requirement to increase its current cap of 70,000 refugees per year, to take in additional tens (hundreds) of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Miliband: “The US must take the burdens of being a global leader.”


Who in the US government, which bureaucracy, is responsible for vetting these refugees?

Will each one be asked, “Are you a member of ISIS?” “Do you want sharia law imposed in the USA?” “What is your opinion of Osama bin Laden?” “Do you think Israel should be wiped off the map?” “Is the USA the great satan?” 

Who’s paying for this? The American taxpayer? Again?

Furthermore – why isn’t Miliband on a morning show in Istanbul, Riyadh, Cairo or any of the wealthy Emirates, hectoring them for not accepting Syrian refugees? Why should refugees be shipped thousands of miles to North America when they can be transferred to fellow Arab countries next door? 

This dangerous propaganda must be refuted.

There must be no lifting of caps for refugee resettlement from Syria.

Yes. People in need should be helped. Legitimate refugees can and should be helped to be relocated to safe destinations in the middle-east, NOT to the USA.