I Saw The Movie 13 Hours (Benghazi). Hillary Clinton, Go to Hell!

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I just saw the movie, 13 Hours. Every person in America should see this movie. Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, we absolutely cannot place the main person who was directly responsible for the killing of these American precious heroes, sitting her slimy buttocks in The Office Of The Presidency Of the United States Of America!

See this extremely important movie, then, just tell me, or any patriotic American, why this horrible excuse for a human being should be President of the United States of America.

I honor those men who died protecting mine, yours, and Hillary Clinton’s freedom. We can do better America!

Hillary Clinton, Go To Hell!

By Ben Shapiro17

By Jerome R. Corsi

By: streiff (Diary)

I do not want to do interviews but I would suggest that you reach to authors of the articles on the links above for interviews. And go to see this important movie yourself. You’ll be just as irate as I am after you see it.

Just want the media to expose this accomplice to murder for what she is…and save our country from this awful excuse for a human being.


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