The GOP Establishment Attack upon Trump and his Movement

By Steve Baldwin

Is it time for the Trump movement to start a new Party?

With the departure of Trump senior advisor Steve Bannon and Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka, the White House is now dominated by establishment Republicans.  Indeed,  one has to ask if the Trump “presidency is over,” as Bannon himself stated and if, as Gorka says, “forces that do not support the MAGA promise are – for now – ascendant within the White House.”

After all, since Bannon’s departure, there have already been a few signs Trump is moving away from his America First, populist agenda.  His decision to keep American troops fighting in Afghanistan even after 17 years of losing thousands of American lives and failing to create any semblance of a stable country is one indication.   It has also been leaked that White House aides are working on a immigration deal with congress than would grant illegal minors permanent amnesty, a deal, which of course, would result in an massive increase of third world families smuggling their children across the border.

What is most unfortunate is that Trump never learned the old axiom that “people are policy” so when he allowed his transition team to be dominated by establishment Republicans, key positions in his administration were filled with career bureaucrats who never shared his views.   As a result, Trump has wasted precious time fighting his own people over policy, not to mention the time spent reacting to leaks often originating from his own appointees.

It is common knowledge among beltway conservative leaders that the Trump administration did not even consider for jobs hundreds of conservatives with government experience, even many who had worked for Ronald Reagan.  We are now paying the price for this. Trump apparently thought all he needed for White House staff was “smart” people, but politics is not like the corporate world.  He needed not only smart people but people who shared his worldview but, unfortunately, these people were few and far between.

Congressional Republicans have Undermined the Trump Revolution

To compound Trump’s failure to surround himself with loyalists, Republican congressional leaders have gone out of their way to sabotage him on the policy front while at the same time refusing to hold Democrats accountable for the numerous Obama era scandals. Even after Trump’s election in November, such corruption apparently continued when deep state bureaucrats and Obama hold-overs within the Intelligence community committed numerous felonies by illegally unmasking numerous Trump campaign aides.

Indeed, Democrat oversight committees indicted or convicted 83 Republicans as a result of the Iran-gate and Watergate scandals, perhaps the two biggest Republican scandals of the last 45 years, but when Republicans controlled the oversight committees under Obama, not one Democrat was indicted or convicted of any crimes, despite numerous infringements of our constitutional rights.  To take one incredible example, Obama’s IRS was able to monitor and harass an entire political movement – the Tea Party – in order to freeze these groups from engaging in political action, all to ensure Obama’s reelection would not be threatened.

If Republican appointees had abused the IRS like that, they would all be in prison today making license plates.  And what about the destruction of 30,000 emails by Hillary?  Or her efforts to sell America’s foreign policy to the highest bidder in exchange for massive contributions to her foundation?  But no one was held accountable then and the pattern has continued under Trump.  Indeed, Trump’s agencies continue to resist Freedom of Information Act requests submitted by government watchdog groups such as Judicial Watch – requests which would expose Democrat corruption from the Obama years.

Indeed, while Congressional Republicans have decided not to pursue the most serious scandals of the Obama/Clinton era, they have no problem allowing the committees they chair to be used by grandstanding Democrats to propagandize about phony Trump/Russian conspiracy theories.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.

But that’s just for starters.  On the policy front, the GOP has been just as inept.  Exhibit #1 is the failure by the GOP to repeal Obama care, totally undermining what faith the grassroots still had in them.   Senator McCain, due to his hatred for Trump, couldn’t even bring himself around to doing what is right for his country by voting for a “skinny” Obama care repeal bill. In fact, the GOP even refused to pass a budget that included adequate funding for a border wall but still funded Planned Parenthood,  thousands of pet projects in their districts and with no cuts in foreign aid.   It as if they have a death wish:  how many campaign promises made to the American people can they break?  Trump has had an amazing number of policy achievements but almost all were due to executive orders while congress sat on its hands the last eight months.

The Trump Agenda is in Jeopardy

Trump won because he redefined what it means to be a conservative.  He rejected trade treaties and other globalist policies that put the interests of foreign countries ahead of American workers. He rejected international agreements loved by the globalist elites, such as the Paris Climate Accords, due to the damage they would do to the American middle class. He opposed the open borders ideology and made the case that millions of illegal aliens not only contributed to crime but undermined job prospects for American workers.

He rejected the role of America as the world’s policeman and gave credibility to the idea that while we should be willing to fight terrorists, the USA does not have to engage in “nation building” anymore. Too many American boys, he argued, have lost their lives trying to turn Iraq and Afghanistan into modern day democracies.   And Trump rejected extremist environmental policies that shut down factories, steel mills and oil drilling and made us dependent upon foreign energy sources.   These policies were a hit with working Americans who for nearly a decade have seen their net worth decline, their unemployment rate skyrocket and America’s GDP stagnate under 3% during the entire Obama nightmare.  Meanwhile, the rich got richer.  The middle class finally said enough is enough and elected Trump.

Indeed, such populist and nationalist positions used to be standard conservative positions but over the last few decades the GOP has abandoned them, attempting instead to please the domestic left and the global elites.  But there’s no doubt that Trump’s agenda has far more in common with the conservatives of the past than today’s pro-open borders, pro-globalist Republican Party.  But on almost every policy front, the GOP leadership has either out right sabotaged the Trump agenda or has simply dragged their feet.  Trump has been in office for eight months now and the GOP still has not passed a tax cut bill. President Reagan passed the largest tax cut bill in history by August 4th even with the Democrats controlling Congress!   The Republicans control both houses today but it’s difficult to find any meaningful legislation passed by them, let alone tax reform.

Charlottesville May be the Last Straw

What happened in Charlottesville was horrible but how Republican leaders reacted to it has outraged  grass roots Republicans.  The left used Charlottesville to give impetus to an anti-American movement intent not just on destroying civil war monuments and memorials but everything associated with the founding fathers.  Even memorials honoring George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are being attacked due to their history as slave owners.

It is now becoming clear that the left’s actions in Charlottesville were part of a plan to employ a new campaign narrative, since the Russia/Trump collusion narrative appears to be running out of steam.  One reason why Hillary Clinton lost was due to low voter turnout by blacks.  This new “The KKK is coming back with the help of Trump and the Republicans” narrative is, of course, phony, but it is specifically designed to increase the black voting turnout for the coming mid-term elections and the 2020 presidential election.

But what everyone needs to understand about the current attacks on historical monuments is that the monuments are not the ultimate target; the constitution itself is.  The left argues that since this document was created by slave-owning men, it is flawed and so its principles should be abandoned.  Charlottesville was just a tool used by the left to accelerate its attack on the very nature of the U.S.A. Indeed, a common chant heard at the left’s protests today is “Death to America,” something the mainstream media leaves out.

Republican leaders should be speaking out about how it was the principles contained in the constitution that created the most prosperous and freest country in the world.  Indeed, American blacks have the highest standard of living in the world today due to the system created by the Constitution.  Of course slavery was evil, but at the time, it was standard practice worldwide and even the medical and scientific community of the day held the racist view that the African race was inferior.  Nevertheless, 620,000 Americans paid the ultimate price by giving their lives fighting in a war that abolished slavery and to uphold the Declaration of Independence’s sacred principle that “all men are created equal.”

But instead, Republican leaders have played right into the hands of the left by giving credibility to the bizarre notion that Trump’s remark about both sides being responsible for the violence is somehow evidence of his supposed affinity for white supremacists.  It was brilliant propaganda but it could have been easily refuted by GOP leaders.  After all, extreme left groups such as the Marxist Workers World Party even boasted on its website about its violent actions at Charlottesville.  Nevertheless, the Republican leadership instead attacked Trump’s accurate statement.  Other Republicans were upset with Trump’s defense of historic statues as he believes you don’t learn from history by censuring it.   With polls showing as many as 2/3 of all Americans are appalled at the left’s desecration of our historical monuments, the sympathy for such hooliganism by some Republican leaders could cost the party dearly.

But now we hear that a Republican Committee chairman has finally decided to investigate something.  No, not Hillary’s uranium scandal, nor the IRS scandal, nor any other Democrat scandal.  No, the investigation will instead focus on the few hundred white supremacists who exist in the country, most of whom are harmless nut jobs.   That’s right, Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, will hold hearings that will not address the violence committed by leftist groups at Charlottesville and who are part of a larger movement to tear down statues and deface memorials all over the country.

McCaul’s hearing will even ignore Antifa, a Marxist group that committed much of the violence in Charlottesville and whose members a few days ago stabbed a Vermont man for speaking out in defense of a friend who had opposed the removal of the Charlottesville Robert E. Lee statue.  McCaul’s hearing is only the latest example of how the Republicans play right into the hands of the Democrats, giving credibility to the fake narrative that the Charlottesville violence only emanated only from the right.

What’s strange is that during Obama’s regime, the extremist Black Lives Matter group organized violent protests all over the country resulting in millions of dollars of property damage and created an atmosphere that led to a number of police shootings, but not only did the left and the media NOT hold Obama responsible, but even the GOP leadership remained quiet.  And not a peep from McCaul.  And Obama even invited BLM leaders to the White House.  Trump has no connection whatsoever to white supremacists or Nazis and certainly never invited any of them to the White House, but he’s responsible for Charlottesville? Really?    So let me get this straight.  Republican leaders were silent when Obama encouraged BLM with his anti police rhetoric but are now attacking Trump for what now? Oh yes, for stating accurately that both sides were responsible for the violence in Charlottesville. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Our Constitutional Rights are under attack

The Charlottesville incident is being used by the left to accelerate its attack on our constitutional principles.  The steady erosion of our constitutional rights started long before Charlottesville, with the left, during the Obama years, carrying out a full scale legal and cultural attack on our speech, assembly, religious and 2nd Amendment rights.  If the constitution did not include a Bill of Rights, we would be a dictatorship by now.

For example, free speech rights are under attack as Twitter, Pay Pay, You Tube, Face book and Google have now joined the barbarians in censoring posts and groups they deemed to be “hateful,” which they apparently believe is every thought to the right of Lenin.   When a handful of conservatives held a fee speech rally in Boston last week,  upwards of 30,000 leftist protestors showed up to intimidate them into not speaking.  They were successful.

On America’s college campuses, not only are conservative professors under attack for espousing conservative viewpoints, but conservative campus speakers are become a rarity,  due to the refusal by school authorities to provide adequate protection from violent students who almost never held accountable for threatening speakers.   It will only be a matter of time before conservatives speakers are no longer heard on America’s campuses.   This is because the left has redefined freedom of speech to mean only speech they agree with; all other speech is “hate” speech which “justifies” the use of violence to stop it.

Other rights are under assault as well with the government and leftist judges now telling pastors, churches, religious schools and even faith-based businessmen what biblical values they can and cannot support when it comes to homosexuality.  Moreover, had Hillary won, the left, as they announced, were planning to add a leftist to the Supreme Court so they could “rewrite” the meaning of the 2nd amendment.   Yes, we were one election away from losing that right.

If the GOP won’t protect our Constitutional rights, then it may be time for a new party

The Trump era was supposed to successfully pass policies that returned the middle class back to its rightful place as the engine of the American economy.    And the GOP was supposed to be the party that defended them and protected their constitutional rights.  But this all seems to be up in the air at this point.  But the middle class is not going back to being pawns of the establishment GOP.  They no longer want to be the forgotten Americans who are constantly stepped on economically.  They no longer want to accept as permanent the idea that our borders should remain open, our welfare system remain out of control, and that their net worth continue to decline while illegal aliens send their kids to college at a discount.   They’ve had it.

If the GOP doesn’t support Trump and his policies, there’s a good chance that’s its over for the party.  A big realignment is talking place and the middle class now perceives the GOP leaders as worthless hacks who defend leftist hooliganism, transsexual bathrooms, and socialist health care, while working Americans are struggling to make ends meet and wondering if the Republican congress will ever do anything productive.

America may be at a turning point.  Never Trumpers and establishment Republicans seem to think if we can just make it past the Trump years, they can return to a normal Republican presidency, but “normal” means hardship for the middle class and in looking at polls, it’s clear the middle class is becoming increasingly angry with the state of affairs, which suggests that a establishment Republican may never win the White House anytime soon.  The middle ground may have disappeared.  If the congressional GOP leaders refuse to help Trump pass his agenda, then they are complicit in allowing the Democrats to continue taking America down the Socialist path, with the result being economic stagnation on a permanent basis.

And make no mistake.  What made America unique in the world is a thriving middle class which has been decimated by progressive economic policies and political elites more loyal to the globalist agenda than to the constitution.  Without a healthy middle class, America will continue down a road toward chaos and stagnation.  Even after Trump’s presidency has ended, it’s hard to foresee a presidential election that will NOT  feature a choice between a populist Republican and a socialist Democrat.  Those in the middle will need to choose sides.  But for now, if the GOP leaders refuse to pass the Trump agenda, the Trump movement needs to do one of two things: they need to either file pro-Trump candidates against dozens of anti-Trump Republican Senators and Congressmen or consider starting a new party.

Can a Viable Third Party be Formed?

For eight years Obama worked to transform America into a Third World country and the Democrats united behind him with hardly any dissent whatsoever.   And now, Trump is desperately trying to unravel the incredible damage wrought by Obama but the GOP has refused to unite.  It is often heard discussed among Trump political circles the drastic option of creating a third party; however, third parties are rarely effective and usually receive only a few percentage points in most elections. Should this idea be dismissed out of hand?  Is it possible to use the internet to organize a third party movement in such a way that it does not help the Democrats win electoral victories?

A website could be set up that collects pledges from those who want to see a new party created.  By that I mean a person would log on, register themselves, and then electronically sign a “pledge” that commits him or her to vote for the new party when the party officially launches.  The when part is the key to this effort. When the number of pledges reaches, say, forty million voters nationwide, only then does the party launch and actually field candidates.  The same kind of tactic could be used to raise money for the new party.  When financial pledges reach, say, $50 million dollars, the party launches.  No more feeble third parties that receive 1% of the vote. This guarantees that the party will be a viable force from the first day it launches.

Once the party launches and it is obvious to voters that it will be a competitive party, it is likely many more voters will pile on. After all, there’s little evidence that party loyalty is unbreakable. Lots of people vote Republican only because it’s the lesser of two evils, but if a new party emerges that is credible, viable, and represents the America First, middle class agenda, it is possible the GOP would lose millions of voters.  The new party could very well do to the GOP what the GOP did to the Whig Party 160 years ago:  replace it as the main party contesting the Democrat Party.  Of course, a well-funded marketing plan would be needed with a heavy emphasis on using the social media.  Such an effort may take years but even the process of building a viable third party may be beneficial.  It will send a strong message to the Republican Party that if it continues its liberal drift, it will be replaced. Perhaps such an effort will even save the GOP.

It may be wise for organizers to first undertake this effort in a few states, just to see if such a model would actually work. So instead of collecting, say, forty million pledges nationwide, the party could collect two million pledges in Iowa and then launch the party in that state. If this model is successful, it could then be expanded nationwide.

However, it will not be enough to create a third party and hope that millions of disaffected voters will automatically join it.  Some thinking will need to go into creating a party platform.  Voters will not break from the GOP unless the new party has a compelling platform that unites conservatives, nationalists, populists, libertarians, the Christian Right, and the Tea Party movement.  These groups all have their differences but a consensus could easily be found on dozens of issues such as downsizing the federal government, balancing the budget, reforming entitlements, cutting taxes across the board, defense of the 2nd amendment, opposition to international treaties, the elimination of earmarks and crony capitalism, the development of our natural resources for our energy needs and so forth.  A good name would be important as well, something like the “Working Americans Party.”

The internet has been used to unite millions of people for all kinds of causes.  Why can’t it be used to build the infrastructure of a new party?    For this to become a reality, a group of respected leaders from various factions of the right would have to come together to form this new party and agree on a set of principles.  Indeed, if the GOP continues to block the President’s America First agenda or if the Trump Administration itself becomes compromised by the establishment, then the time may be ripe to create a new party which will represent hard-working Americans fed up with the status quo.

Steve Baldwin Steve Baldwin is a former California State Assemblyman and the former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom. He has been published in numerous publications and is the author of From Crayons to Condoms, The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools.